There's $105 Million In Damage Claims In Atlantic Canada Because Of Hurricane Dorian

Nova Scotia was hit the hardest and has the most amount of damage.
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There's $105 Million In Damage Claims In Atlantic Canada Because Of Hurricane Dorian

When a storm blew through in September, significant damage was done to homes, businesses and vehicles. Hurricane Dorian damage in Canada will cost a lot of money to repair. There are $105 million of insurance claims because of damage done by the hurricane in Atlantic Canada. 

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), across Atlantic Canada the amount of insurance claims that are from damaged caused by Hurricane Dorian has reached $105 million. 

The storm hit the region on September 7 and continued through for the next day. Across the region, 70 percent of that $105 million is for damage to personal property, 25 percent is for damage to commercial property and the last five percent is for damage to vehicles. 

"Severe, unpredictable weather like this is becoming more frequent, resulting in higher costs to homeowners, insurers and governments," said Amanda Dean, vice president of the Atlantic region for IBC, in a press release

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Quebec were impacted by the hurricane and the insurance claims come from all five of those provinces. 

Nova Scotia got the brunt of the storm and there is $62.2 million worth of damage that's been claimed to insurance in the province. 

New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador all have damages in the millions but combining them all together doesn't even come close to equalling the cost of damages in Nova Scotia. 

Quebec only has $300,000 in insurance covered damage. 

Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas before moving up the U.S. coast until it finally made landfall in Nova Scotia and travelled through the Atlantic region for two days. And even though it was then downgraded to a post-tropical storm, there were still hurricane-force winds. 

The region saw power outages, the flooding of roads, homes and businesses and uprooted trees because of the rain and the wind.  

The downed trees also caused damage to houses and vehicles. 

"Hurricane Dorian is another example of how devastating Mother Nature can be," said Dean. 

The storm also brought massive waves to the region, one wave off the coast was even recorded at a height of 100 feet

According to the CBC, the insured damage doesn't include damage that was done to government-owned infrastructure. 

Since these numbers are only for damage that's insured, the total cost of damages could be way higher than $105 million. 

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