11 Wildest Videos Of Hurricane Dorian's Visit To Nova Scotia

From the ocean surging to a crane collapsing.
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Hurricane Dorian's Nova Scotia visit has left plenty of messes to clean up. The storm left almost 369,000 people without power, and brought down trees (and something bigger in one instance) all along the coast. As Dorian, which is now classified as a post-tropical cyclone, moves on to Newfoundland, Nova Scotians are left to clean up the debris and try to get everything back in order.

While the majority of Canadians won't experience Hurricane Dorian passing by their front door, plenty of Nova Scotians were able to capture footage showing the kind of effects the hurricane had on the province. We've compiled some of the most intense videos here!

A waterfront becomes an underwater-front

Some of the best views of the hurricane would, of course, come from being right on the ocean. As one Twitter user saw from their hotel room, the water was rising right up over the dock. Probably not a nice day to take an oceanside stroll.

No one on the street but the wind and the rain

With a hurricane coming, the best advice that is given to people is to stay indoors. Looking at this footage of a downtown intersection, people clearly took the advice to heart. The only things on those streets are the powerful wind and driving rain.

Power cables throwing off loose electricity

One of the biggest safety hazards after a huge storm like this one is fallen power lines, and it's easy to see why from this video. The amount of electricity these things can throw off when they are disconnected is absolutely fatal. Even getting this close to take a video would have been pretty risky.

Empty snack shelves mean people are staying in

Staying in means being prepared, and that means having plenty of snacks available to ride out the storm. Of course, if you didn't get to the grocery store soon enough, you'd probably be met with a sight like this one: almost entirely empty shelves as far as the eye can see.

This is a "good" time to take the boat out

There are some people who just don't take the hint that, hey, maybe being out in a hurricane isn't all that safe. This brave soul even thought to take the boat out, right as the storm was beginning to hit. Hopefully, they hadn't planned on taking a leisurely ride on the water, which was definitely about to turn violent.

A disastrous crane collapse

One of the most disastrous pieces of footage making the rounds on Twitter after the storm was of a crane collapsing in downtown Halifax. The structure folds under the immense strength of the hurricane's winds, crashing right into a nearby building. A resident even managed to capture just how close it came to their home in a separate video.

Probably not good to drive right by the ocean

If you're trying to avoid a hurricane's most destructive tendencies, then the first thing you would do is try to stay away from the ocean. However, sometimes you just have to get somewhere, and the only way to do it is driving right next to the hurricane's birthplace.

Just a "tiny bit" of rain

Did it rain during Dorian's landfall in Nova Scotia? Well, yeah, but just a tiny bit. You know, just enough that water was spewing from the eavestroughs on someone's house and you could barely see through all of the rain falling from the sky.

Look at this mess

There's not very much anyone can do when it comes to keeping things clean during a hurricane. Plenty of construction sites around Nova Scotia had their materials blown all over the road, causing even worse conditions than just having fallen tree branches everywhere.

Water from below

Water spilling to the top of the waterfront is scary enough, but what about the surges of water shooting up from underneath? Powerful waves caused by Dorian pushed water up through the boardwalk, causing even more damage.

Dogs and hurricanes don't mix

Finally, the most devastating of all the hurricane footage: how the intense winds are affecting the dogs of Nova Scotia. At least one maritime pup had the misfortune to have to put up with the weather, and it clearly is not too happy about it.

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