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Hurricane Dorian Could Hit Canada As A Category 1 Hurricane This Weekend

The storm will bring heavy rain and strong winds.
Hurricane Dorian Could Hit Canada As A Category 1 Hurricane This Weekend

It looks the Maritimes aren't getting any breaks, as yet another tropical storm is heading their way. After just experiencing the aftermath of Storm Erin last month, Canadians in the Maritimes are bracing themselves for Hurricane Dorian as it heads towards Canadian shores. Environment Canada warns that this storm could hit Atlantic Canada as a Category One Hurricane this weekend. 

Environment Canada has released a 'Tropical Cyclone Information Statement' for all of Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec as Hurricane Dorian continues to move up the coast.

According to Environment Canada, the storm will move towards Nova Scotia on Saturday and towards Newfoundland on Sunday. As it moves into Canadian waters it could enter into Canada has either a Category One Hurricane or a strong Tropical Storm, both of which will have a massive impact throughout the area. 

Rainfall will be 'significant' throughout the storm, and the highest amounts of rainfall will likely hit the southern Maritimes and parts of Newfoundland. However, most of these regions are expected to see rainfall as the storm moves through. 

Hurricane-force winds are also expected to hit the Maritimes. According to the National Hurricane Center, a Category 1 Hurricane can bring in winds as high as 153 km/h. These winds are considered to be dangerous and could damage houses, trees, and cause power outages. 

On top of this, Environment Canada also warns that this storm could cause some large waves, mainly over southern waters. 

Currently, Hurricane Dorian is a Category Two system that is moving through the coast of Florida. As it moves towards Canada, the storm is expected to weaken to a Category One system or a Tropical Storm. 

However, Dorian has already wreaked havoc throughout the world, destroying nearly half of the houses throughout the Bahamas this week. 

Environment Canada urges those in the area of the hurricane's path to continue to check back to Environment Canada as the storm nears closer. 

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