Keto is hot, hot, hot right now.

If you haven’t heard of the ketogenic diet (where have you been?), it’s an ultra-low carb, zero-sugar, and high-fat diet.

By eliminating sugars and carbs from your diet, you actually train your body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs, which means that delicious healthy-fat foods like avocado and bacon are definitely on the menu.

I decided to try keto after a bunch of people in my office hopped on the bandwagon and found success – one of my coworkers lost 40 pounds in five months! I had a little stubborn belly fat that I wanted to get rid of, so I was curious to see whether keto would scare it away for good.

But I quickly discovered the hardest part of eating keto: finding quality, yummy snacks on the go.

The world of convenient, healthy food is tragically geared towards carb-lovers. Breakfast sandwiches? No go. Granola? Nope. Wraps? Sorry, no.

By the end of my first week, I was still feeling the keto flu - a super gross mix of tiredness and brain fog - and craving mac and cheese like there was no tomorrow.

Then, I rediscovered my local 7-Eleven.

That’s right: the place that I used to go for my late-night chip and Slurpee fix quickly became my go-to spot for healthy snacks.

I’d heard that 7-Eleven recently launched a variety of healthier food options. So I – a woman of the people – took it upon myself to do the hard work of testing out their new offerings to find out if they’re truly keto-worthy.

My week of 7-Eleven keto eating started on Monday when I ran into the store in the morning, late for work and desperate for breakfast.

I seriously considered cheating on my diet and diving on some donuts. But then, I saw their fridge bistro section. I grabbed a plain yogurt and some nuts to sprinkle on top. BAM: breakfast emergency, avoided.

My keto 7-Eleven love affair continued the next day on my way home from work. I was starving, and I knew there was no chance I wasn’t ordering pizza if I didn’t get a snack in before dinner.

I ran straight for the naked wings and curbed my ginormous double pepperoni craving.

Over the next few days, I stopped at the same 7-Eleven store constantly.

Plain yogurts for breakfast. Sugar-free drinks and sparkling waters kept me hydrated when all I wanted was pop. Hard-boiled eggs, cheese strings, nut mixes and beef and turkey jerky for snacks, and fresh chef salads for a great on-the-go lunch. Some stores even have rotisserie chicken legs – you heard me.

I found that at every turn, 7-Eleven’s fresh, healthy options helped me curb my carb cravings and stay on track. Plus, they’re open 24/7 – perfect for those late-night hunger pangs.

And honestly, those nut mixes? You guys: nuts might be the best-kept secret to keto success. They’re high in healthy fats and filling for when you need something to make it through to your next meal. They’re also a great addition to a morning yogurt bowl or lunchtime salad. Note: nuts do still contain some carbs, so don’t down too many of these salty little delights.

By the end of the week, I was through the keto flu and fully enamoured with 7-Eleven. I was telling all my friends about their amazing selection and eating naked wings like it was my day job.

I’m only three weeks into my keto journey, but I’ve already lost 5 pounds and feel awesome. I’m more awake in the morning, have consistent energy throughout the day instead of my typical peaks and valleys, and I’m pushing my workouts harder than ever. I feel like a bona fide keto rockstar.

I guess, at the end of the day, eating good food actually makes you feel good. Who knew?