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I Bought All Of My Holiday Gifts At Giant Tiger For Under $200 & Here’s What I Found

A weighted blanket, Crock-Pot and more.

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I Bought All Of My Holiday Gifts At Giant Tiger For Under $200 & Here’s What I Found

I absolutely love this time of the year. I'm one of those people who puts their tree up on November 1 and blasts Mariah Carey in the office (now my WFH office) way before Starbucks even has its holiday menu out.

If I lived in Whoville, I'd be Martha May Whovier. But this year, for some reason, I just couldn't be bothered with Christmas shopping.

I wanted a quick and easy solution to ticking off my gift list, but I couldn't quite get my holiday-loving self to shop solely online. So, I went where I could get absolutely everything I needed in one place: Giant Tiger.

I'll preface this article by saying that, before this, my experience with Giant Tiger was extremely limited.

I remembered it as the discount store my mom used to take me to on the weekends when I was a kid. But after exploring the store as an adult, I'm pleasantly surprised at just how much you can find there.

If you want to limit visits to crowded malls or you're on a budget this year (or both), check where your nearest Giant Tiger is. At the risk of sounding cliché, it's truly a one-stop shop for all your holiday needs.

Courtesy of Jennifer Browne

They have bath and beauty products, toys, clothes (including festive PJs and fuzzy socks), kitchen essentials (like air fryers and coffee grinders) and smaller gifts that'll have you covered on those hard-to-buy-for folks.

I got everything I needed for under $175 before tax ($201, tax included). With six gifts, that's under $35 per person.

Giant Tiger stores across Canada tailor their selection of products to fit their community, so what I found at my local Giant Tiger might not be exactly what you find in yours.

If you're looking for something specific (like the comforting weighted blanket I found), you can check online to see if your nearest location has it in stock for curbside pickup or have it delivered right to your home.

Weighted Blanket

Courtesy of Jennifer Browne

Price: $49.99

Details: If you've read any gift guide in the last 12 months, you've probably come across the weighted blanket. Thanks to their stress-relieving and sleep-inducing powers, weighted blankets surged in popularity over the last couple of years.

These can retail for up to about $330, but this 10-pound one from Giant Tiger cost me just under $50. It even comes with a bonus weighted eye mask.

$49.99 at GIANT TIGER

Toronto Maple Leafs Hooded Blanket

Courtesy of Jennifer Browne

Price: $49

Details: I was originally looking for a Toronto Maple Leafs blanket as a gift for a die-hard fan, but I spotted this bad boy on the bottom shelf of the Canadiana aisle and couldn't resist. It's an official NHL hooded blanket that you can wear — plus, it's reversible, with fluffy sherpa material.

This find is machine washable and, if your person isn't a Leafs fan, also comes in Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Raptors patterns.


Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Courtesy of Jennifer Browne

Price: $29.99 ($39.99)

Details: I wasn't expecting to find a Crock-Pot in Giant Tiger — never mind score one for $10 off — so this made me very happy. I have this exact one at home and love it.

It has four different timer settings, shifts to a warm setting automatically (very handy for people like me who forget to check the timer) and has removable stoneware for easy cleaning.

This was 100% my favourite thing I bought because — let's be honest — a Crock-Pot is an awesome gift. I'm excited to give this one.

$29.99 at GIANT TIGER

Old Spice Gift Set

Courtesy of Jennifer Browne

Price: $14.99

Details: My boyfriend uses Old Spice, so this was an easy-peasy present. If, like me, you love to cop out with a good ol' gift set every now and then, you'll be pleased to learn that Giant Tiger has tons.

I chose the Old Spice gift set because it looked the most luxe and holiday-y (probably because it's red — that's festive, right?). They also had a Dove Men + Care gift set for $9.99 and O'Keefes winter skin essentials kit for $16.99.

Side note: I personally love O'Keefes and can say honestly that their products are miracle workers for dry skin — and would make a wonderful gift.

$14.99 at GIANT TIGER

LED Gaming Headset

Courtesy of Jennifer Browne

Price: $19.97

Details: Has anyone else noticed that gaming gear is just better compared to regular work-from-home tech?

This gaming headset from Giant Tiger has a super plush adjustable headband to help keep your noggin comfy during long Zoom meetings and Xbox sessions alike. It also comes with a built-in mic.

$19.97 at GIANT TIGER

Unicorn Whale Plush

Courtesy of Jennifer Browne

Price: $11

Details: I have a four-year-old niece who loves teddy bears, and while I was originally looking for a baby Yoda plush toy from The Mandalorian series, I couldn't help myself when I saw this unicorn whale plush.

It's so soft, I even considered keeping it for myself. (I won't though... probably.)


Other notable gifts that I saw and didn't pick up (but will probably go back for) include a Polaroid Selfie Tri-Pod LED Ring Light, a hooded fuzzy blanket with pom-poms and festive candles that would make a wonderful gift for anyone.

All in all, I was able to pick up what I needed for my whole immediate family in two trips to Giant Tiger. (I could have done it in one, but I was curious to see the difference in stock at my two nearest locations.)

The store's smaller layout made it easy to find exactly what I was looking for in under an hour, and when I had any trouble, the staff were eager to help.

As it turns out, Giant Tiger's managers are committed to their communities and even run events to support local charities. As someone who typically shops locally for everything, I love that Giant Tiger is devoted to the communities they serve.

I'd definitely pop in again for a fun and hassle-free shopping experience — especially if I'm looking for a good-quality gift at a low price.

Visit your nearest Giant Tiger location or visit the website to browse and buy products. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Items are in stock and prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

Jennifer Browne
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