Jessica Mulroney's "I Do, Redo" Premiered Last Night & It Had Viewers Feeling So Emotional

New episodes of the wedding series air every Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
'I Do, Redo' On CTV

Can you feel the love? For months now, fans of Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney have been waiting for the premiere of I Do, Redo on CTV, and last night they finally got it. Each episode of the 10-part series will follow a different couple as Mulroney works her magic to give them a wedding that they never got to have.

In last night’s episode, we were introduced to Mark and Mia, a sweet couple who actually said their vows for the first time over 20 years ago in a prison waiting room. The pair met before Mark was wrongly incarcerated for a murder that he didn’t commit.

When talking to Mulroney, Mark explained that he urged Mia to leave him before they were married so that she could live a normal life with a man who wasn’t behind bars, but Mia refused, which is exactly how Mark knew that he needed to marry her.

The pair were married for 27 long years before Mark was finally exonerated for his life sentence and Mia was able to bring him home to be with her, their three children, and two grandchildren.

Because their first ceremony was less than ideal, Mulroney promised the couple that she was going to give them a day that they’d never forget.

Some of the best moments from the episode included Mulroney surprising Mark with a visit from his sons during his tux fitting, Mark’s lawyers officiating the ceremony, and Mulroney surprising the couple with rings inscribed with their family motto — ”things are looking up”.

Mark and Mia’s story had many viewers all the way in their feelings, and they were quick to share their thoughts about the show on Twitter.

According to a press release from Bell Media, the upcoming episodes will take viewers to the U.S., Canada, and even the Caribbean as Mulroney continues to work more of her wedding magic.

I Do, Redo airs every Sunday night at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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