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I Partied With 'The Bachelor In Paradise' Stars And This Is What Happened

Turns out Dean was a big fan of my recaps!!
I Partied With 'The Bachelor In Paradise' Stars And This Is What Happened

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of throwing back a few drinks with some of my favourite reality TV stars. When I got the e-vite from Eligible Magazine & EVERLEIGH Toronto, I literally shrieked with joy. As a regular Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise media correspondent, I was beyond thrilled to get to see some of my favourite Bachelor stars face to face. 

I rounded some Bachelor fans and friends of mine and headed down King Street for what would soon turn into a wild evening. Outside the club, literally hundreds of girls lined the building in full hair and makeup, with legitimate gowns and flashy cocktail dresses, as if they were preparing for their first night at the Bachelor mansion. I stood in line, feeling like a peasant in a bodysuit and jeans, and waited until a friend organizing the event whisked me inside.

Before I entered, I got a glimpse of the boys looking their rose-ceremony finest. Each wore a full suit and bow tie, looking incredibly classy and uber handsome. In attendance that night? Ben Z, Adam, Robby and of course - Dean. Much like the rest of the crowd, I was most excited to see Deanie Babies as I've spent so much of the summer writing about him & his f*ckboy antics. 

When I got inside Everleigh, the place was already packed. This event had 2 entry times as to not overwhelm the Bachelors. My 8p.m. slot was deemed ~*VIP*~ and gave me the opportunity to mingle with the cast before they retreated to their booth when the 10p.m. crowd came in. I decided to make a run for Dean before the night got too crazy. My girlfriends were also super into seeing Dean, so we decided to go for it.

Pictured above, pre craziness. Makeup still intact. While Everleigh was partially full, the crowd around Dean was THICC and full of crazy Bach fans. I'm talking an easy 100 estrogen-charged females surrounding 1 Deanie Baby. In contrast, Robby, Adam and Ben had anywhere from 10-20 girls around them, making Dean the hardest to get to. I've been a fan girl for some time now. Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, One Direction - you name it. I'm no stranger to crowds of desperate girls. But lemme tell you, at 22 - being shoved against some 50yr old cougars and 30yr old hopefuls, shoving gifts and shots at a reality star, I felt pretty fking crazy. 

It took about a half hour to finally get face-to-face with Deanie Baby. He would move an inch and the crowd would follow, shuffling in a huge, sweaty pack. He'd turn around, girls would grab at his jacket or reach for his side. I really did feel bad for the guy as there was no sign of a break in sight. My girlfriend got to him first and thankfully handed him a ring pop to grab his attention - a tried and true fan-girl tactic. 

Dean happily accepted and flashed his mega-watt smile for us. That was, until, my girlfriend told him I write BIP recaps....Dean laughed hysterically. "You know what that means guys, Paige has talked a lot of shit about me." I tried to compose myself as best as I could, while sweating internally, and laughing nervously. "HAHA NO," I laughed, knowing very well I'd dragged Dean in the past. Remember the horror that was Kristina/DLo?! I couldn't forget that shit if I tried!! 

Pictured above, me and Deanie laughing about his fuckboy-BIP lifestyle. "I'd always try to say something redeeming about you," I reassured him. "Like 'Oh, maybe he'll get his shit together. We still love him!!'" I tried. "Yeah, well, you can only get away with that for so long," shrugged the star, somewhat accepting this sad truth. We posed for a couple of pics until I knew it was time to go. I thanked him for being a good sport and disappeared to get a much needed drink after sweating out my last one. 

From there, I bumped into an old teacher (?!) and Ben Z! He was super suave and sweet in person. We talked about him being snubbed for the Bachelor ("It wasn't up to me!" - Ben) his dog, obviously, and how he's loving life and Toronto atm. We would've chatted longer had a woman not shoved a shot in his face and made him take it, super polite of her. 

I was able to squeeze some minor deets out of the other Bachelors if not for pics. Apparently Wells and Danielle M are full on dating (woohoo!!), Raven and Adam are all good in the hood and no one really cares about Arie being the next Bachelor. Go figure?? 

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