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I Tried All Of Starbucks Canada's New Holiday Treats And Here Are The Clear Winners

Starbucks Canada has released new treats for the 2018 holiday season.
I Tried All Of Starbucks Canada's New Holiday Treats And Here Are The Clear Winners

The holiday season always brings so many wonderful things. From the Christmas light decorations to the holiday movies and music, the season is usually nothing short of magical. One of the best things about the holidays? All the Christmas-themed drinks and treats. 

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Starbucks Canada has released not one, but several new Christmas-inspired treats for the 2018 holiday season. This year for Christmas, they have holiday-themed offerings including the Cranberry Bliss Bar, Chocolate Brioche, Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop and Pistachio Honey Croissant. 

I tried all of the new Starbucks holiday desserts so that you don't have to. Learn from my experience and see which ones are worth trying and which ones you should definitely skip. We also did a Starbucks Holiday Drink taste test as well that you can check out here

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Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop

The Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop definitely won my heart over as it's a delightful holiday treat. The dessert is more on the sweet side, but because of its small, appropriate portion, it's the perfect amount of sweetness. If you're looking for a post-meal dessert, this is a great option to grab on the go and is perfect for one person.

In terms of its aesthetics, this cake pop is definitely one of Starbucks Canada's cutest holiday creations. The cake pop is coated with a white chocolate peppermint flavoured frosting that is so delicious. The peppermint and sugar bits add a great contrast to the texture, adding a bit of crunch to the soft chocolate cake. The cake itself is really chewy and flavourful, and not dry at all. The frosting perfectly complements it and this dessert really had me impressed.

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Chocolate Brioche

Out of the holiday bunch, the Chocolate Brioche was by far the most disappointing. It had so much potential but failed to fulfill any of it. This new addition to the Starbucks holiday menu is a brioche bun that has a dark chocolate filling with some cinnamon and is glazed with honey syrup.

Unfortunately, the dessert did not taste as good as it sounds. If I could sum up the Chocolate Brioche in one word, it would be bland. There is absolutely no flavour and the whole bun is as dry as the desert. You can't taste the chocolate filling, and there's no icing to add any flavour to the bun. 0/10 would recommend.

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Pistachio Honey Croissant

The Pistachio Honey Croissant is new to the Starbucks holiday dessert menu this year, and unlike the Chocolate Brioche, I am thrilled about this addition. The dessert is exactly what it sounds like – a croissant topped with pistachios and a sweet honey glaze, and just like it sounds, it's pretty delicious.

The croissant is the perfect item to get from Starbucks when you're on the go, whether it's for breakfast or just a snack. The taste is subtle but still very flavourful, and won't leave you with an overdose of sweetness. If you're not too into sweets but still want something that tastes like the holidays, I would definitely recommend trying the Pistachio Honey Croissant. The croissant itself is flaky as well and just downright yummy.

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Cranberry Bliss Bar

The Cranberry Bliss Bar is a classic holiday treat at Starbucks, and for good reason. The beloved dessert is back at Starbucks Canada this year and I am super stoked about it returning. The Cranberry Bliss Bar is a blondie cake that is frosted with cream cheese icing, tart dried cranberries and white orange drizzle.

The dessert has a perfect balance of flavours. There is a mixture of textures as well, and you get a nice blend of softer and harder crunches. The Cranberry Bliss Bar also has a good ratio of cream cheese to cake. Bonus points because it tastes and feels like Christmas when you bite into this holiday treat.

The Winner Is.... 

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I'm happy to admit that most of the new Starbucks holiday treats (minus the Chocolate Brioche) are delicious, but there is one that stands out above the rest. The Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop takes the title for the most delicious, but the other treats come in very close. The Cranberry Bliss Bar, though not new, is always a delicious choice as well.