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I Tried A&W Canada's New Beyond Meat Breakfast Burger And This Is My Honest Opinion

Taste testing A&W Canada's new Beyond Meat breakfast burger.

A&W Canada recently released their new Beyond Meat breakfast burgers and people have been beyond excited, including me. This new vegetarian breakfast option launched in participating A&W locations on Monday, March 11. The hype has been real for this new dish, but are you curious to see if it lives up to the expectations? I tried the new Beyond Meat breakfast burger from A&W so that you don't have to and I'm sharing my honest opinion of it.

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The new A&W Beyond Meat Sausage & Egger burger contains a sausage patty made from all plant-based ingredients. It is topped with cheddar cheese and an egg that came from hens eating a vegetarian diet. The breakfast sandwich is served on an english muffin. The chain also has a fully vegan option, with the patty served with lettuce and tomato instead of cheese and egg.

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The Beyond Meat burger set a pretty high bar, so we were definitely excited to try out their newly released breakfast options. Last year, A&W released the Beyond Meat burger and it even sold out in restaurants. It was seriously strategic for A&W to release a breakfast version, but will it be just as loved as their regular Beyond Meat burger? I set out to find out by doing a taste test. The verdict? You'll have to read on to find out!

Check out my honest review of the new A&W Beyond Meat breakfast burgers.


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Beyond Meat Breakfast Veggie Burger

The Beyond Meat Breakfast Veggie burger tastes actually like meat. As soon as I took my first bite, I exclaimed in the office, "It actually tastes like sausage!" As a meat eater myself, I was pretty shocked over how it similar the taste was to a real sausage!

However, it didn't taste much like breakfast to me at all. Especially with the vegetables and tomato added onto the sandwich, it felt more like a burger you would get at lunch, not a breakfast sandwich.

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The patty itself is pretty flavourful and tastes good, but the sandwich is missing more flavours as a whole. A nice sauce or other vegan ingredients could have given it more variety in taste and the punch it needs. After you've had one bite, you pretty much know what you're getting.

Overall verdict? I personally would not get this sandwich for breakfast, and if it were lunchtime, I'd rather opt for the more flavourful Beyond Meat burger. It doesn't taste bad, but it's not good enough for me to try again – it's more on the bland side. However, it could be a good option for vegans if they did want a breakfast sandwich that still tastes like sausage.

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Beyond Meat Sausage & Egger

This breakfast sandwich seriously tastes like meat. Like the vegan option, it's pretty hard to taste the difference between this Beyond Meat sausage patty and a real sausage patty. So if you want a sausage breakfast burger but don't want to eat meat, this is a pretty good option from A&W.

However, on the flip side, if you're vegetarian and don't really like the taste of sausage, you may not want to try this. We also asked two vegetarians to try it in the Narcity office to get their perspective and they were caught a bit off guard.

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It was shocking to them how much the patty tasted like real meat and it definitely took them by surprise. They both said it was "too meaty" and because of that, they didn't really like it.

As a meat eater, my main criticism for it would be that overall the sandwich tastes a bit too dry. Flavour wise it feels like it's missing something, maybe a sauce to give it an extra kick. It's still a relatively good, affordable breakfast sandwich option though, especially for those looking to cut down on their meat intake!

Overall Verdict

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The burgers aren't bad, but they aren't my favourite either. They lack the strong flavour punch the regular A&W Beyond Meat burgers bring, which I would definitely recommend. These sausage patties are more on the dry side and for me personally, don't give enough of a reason to try them again.

However, they are still a great vegetarian fast food breakfast burger option and worth trying at least once so you can see for yourself! We're definitely happy to see that A&W Canada is offering more vegan and vegetarian options for Canadians!

To find out more about A&W's new vegetarian breakfast burger, you can visit their website.