I Tried Booking A Session At Canada's New Sex Doll Brothel And This Is What Happened

A brand new sex doll brothel just opened in Vancouver, BC.
I Tried Booking A Session At Canada's New Sex Doll Brothel And This Is What Happened

If you're a millennial in Canada, then you've probably heard about the recent spike in Sex Doll Brothels opening up across the nation.  I guess we're all living in 2018, a time where people prefer to have sexual adventures with inanimate objects rather than real people. 

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A few months ago, a sex doll brothel opened and then quickly closed in North York, Ontario. So, when I heard that another sex doll brothel was opening up in Vancouver, I couldn't help but wonder what it's like to actually schedule an appointment with a sex doll. So that's exactly what I did and here's what I found. 

After googling the new Vancouver based company, Bella Dolls, not much came up on the internet apart from a few news articles talking about the service coming to Vancouver. 

One surprising thing I quickly noticed, there was no indication for where this brothel/company was located in the city. Yep, there was no address to locate their place of business! After doing some research on their very X-rated website, I found some fine print that stated customers would only receive the address for the establishment via telephone call 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. 

So, how do you book an appointment? You start off by going to the Bella Dolls website. Slight warning, please don't open this link unless you're comfortable with having blatant nudity on your computer screen AKA if you're at work, you probably don't want to open this link right now. 

Via BellaDolls.com

After opening up the website, you can peruse the "dolls" available for sessions. There were four dolls you can pick from Violet, Deja, Naomi and Pamela. After picking your doll, you can choose if you want a short, medium or long session with them - I opted for the 45-minute session.

Then you pick a preferred time slot so you can officially book your appointment. Let's keep in mind that you still have no idea where this appointment is going to be, other than it's in Vancouver, BC. 

Via BellaDolls.com

Once you're done, you fill out all of your contact information so that the company can contact you 48 hours before your appointment to tell you the secret location of your session with your preferred sex doll. Yes, you have to give them a real email and telephone number to confirm the appointment. To say this is weird is definitely an understatement. 

After this, you'll get an emailing confirming your appointment. As the day loomed near, I waited and waited for this mysterious company to call my cell phone to give me the secret location for my appointment. To my surprise, this never ended up happening. When I didn't receive my phone call, I clicked on my email confirmation to modify/cancel my appointment and it led me to an error page.

Via BellaDolls.com

Curious to see what's going on with their company, I've now clicked back on the Bella Dolls website and to my surprise, the page has been completely redesigned. There's no longer x rated images splashed across their home page, but a super chic marble backdrop with BELLA DOLLS in capital letters stretched across the screen. 

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You can no longer schedule appointments via the website and there are no options to pick a doll for your private one-on-one session. Although Violet, Deja, Naomi and Pamela are still under the "Ladies" section, you're no longer able to click and make an appointment. It looks like they've completely redesigned their webpage, which might be why I never received a phone call from the company confirming the location of the Sex Doll Brothel appointment.

On the new website, there is no means for purchasing a session with a doll. It seems like you might have to contact them directly via email if you're seriously interested.

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