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I Tried Frank And Oak's Brand New Circular Denim And Here's What I Think

I met my perfect denim match — and it's eco-conscious!
I Tried Frank And Oak's Brand New Circular Denim And Here's What I Think

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Setting out for the perfect pair of jeans is one of the most daunting shopping experiences we have to undergo. There are so many things to consider when shopping for denim: style, brand, wash, material, fit, length. They're all factors that weigh on women like myself who seek that one perfect pair of jeans that are going to hug them in all the right places. 

I'll be the first to admit, though, that I have a very hard time finding a perfect fit. Most jeans I try on are either great in the leg but too loose in the waist, or flawless in the waist but squeeze my thighs and butt so flat that I can hardly breathe. For me, jean shopping is a constant struggle, and if I'm being honest, the stress of it usually makes me avoid buying new jeans altogether. 

So, when Frank And Oak announced that they would be launching a whole new line of jeans, I thought, what the heck? I'll try some on. Maybe they'll have a pair that I'll finally like.

The new line, as I found out, is eco-friendly and is Frank And Oak's largest and most dynamic denim collection yet. The collection is called Circular denim and, guys, it's the only denim we should be buying. 

And if you're not into shopping for yourself, we've got great news for you: Try out Frank And Oak's Style Plan instead. It's a monthly clothing subscription box that lets you look great without the fuss. You can score the new denim collection for up to 20% off with free shipping and returns in your Style Plan box. Try your first box risk-free, plus you can save $25 by using the code NARCITY25!

Frank And Oak's new Circular denim is totally eco-conscious and made with three technical processes: Circular denim, Hydroless Denim, and Good Cotton. The Nina Jean, which I'm wearing in the above picture, fits like an absolute dream!!! And it's made using the Circular denim process. Essentially, this means Frank And Oak took recycling to another level and made new jeans from post-consumer waste.

Worn-out jeans that were destined for the landfill are collected and redirected to a fabric recycler where they're shredded and broken down over several steps until they’re reduced to fibres. Those salvaged fibres are then re-spun into new materials, reducing Frank And Oak's footprint and giving your old jeans a new life. 

So now that we know they're good for the environment and our conscience, let's talk about the fit. 

The Nina Wide-Leg Jean is a high-rise fit that sits at your true waist. It has a wide leg from the hip to the leg opening, giving it a real flowy, 70s feel. To be honest, I love these! And that's saying a lot considering it's rare that I ever find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly. They hug me in all the right places, but give me enough room in the leg to move about and not feel restricted. 

As for the length, I'm 5'4" and the hem just about touches the ground. That being said, though, I was able to walk around the streets of Toronto in flip flops and not get the bottoms dirty. 

Frank and Oak's new Circular line also features jeans made through hydro-less systems and with Good Cotton. Good Cotton means organic cotton, which uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, replenishes and maintains soil fertility, and promotes biologically diverse agriculture. You can get the Nina in Rusted Brown, the Linda High-Waisted Balloon-Fit Jean, and several jean jackets, cotton shirts, and other pants in Good Cotton.

And because the fashion industry is the world's second-largest consumer of water, Frank and Oak also partnered with Hydro-Less Laundry, an ethical, eco-certified facility in Dubai, to make your jeans greener. Jeans made through the production of hydro-less denim uses up to 79% less energy, up to 50% fewer chemicals, and up to 95% less water than standard methods. I tried on the Debbie High-Waisted Skinny Jean, which uses the Hydro-Less process, to see what they felt like. 

These high-rise black jeans are skinny from hip to ankle with a narrow leg opening. I must say, my feet took a little maneuvering to get through the leg opening but, once that was done, these fit like a dream! If you're looking for an incredible black skinny jean that goes with everything, this is it! 

What surprised me the most about the Debbie was how high quality the material was! All of my black skinny jeans have either torn or just pretty much disintegrated in the past. The Debbie feels different - like it's made out of sturdy material that will last years. I'm excited to keep wearing these.

If you're looking for new jeans that fit well, look great, and do good, head to Frank And Oak's website to check out their new line of Circular denim. You can actually shop by the kind of responsible denim you're looking for: Circular, Good Cotton, or Hydro-Less.

For access to the awesome Circular Denim collection for up to 20% off with free shipping and returns, sign up for Style Plan risk-free using code NARCITY25 for $25 off your first subscription box! Click here to start shopping Frank And Oak's sustainable Circular denim line.