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I Tried Ontario's Cheap New No Name Beer And This Is My Honest Opinion

I tried Ontario's new No Name beer and in my opinion it's worse than you'd expect.
I Tried Ontario's Cheap New No Name Beer And This Is My Honest Opinion

Earlier this year, the iconic Canadian brand, No Name has launched it's very first beer and to celebrate the long weekend it launched on, it was available for only $6.60 for a six-pack, or $1 per beer. Now by no means am I a beer connoisseur, but everything about this beer seemed so ridiculous that I had to find out how good it actually was. That's exactly what I did, and here's my honest opinion. 

First, a little bit about the beer.No Name beer was launched today at various LCBO stores across the province, which is the only place you can get it. The beer, which is a lager, is brewed in Waterloo, Ontario and made by Loblaws, the company behind No Name. Currently, it is only available in six packs of 341 ML bottles. It is a 5% alcohol content. 

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No Name brand is known for their super basic packaging, products, and ingredients but the LCBO website says, "Brewed in Ontario using the highest quality ingredients, this characteristically Canadian-style lager delivers a crisp finish that makes it easy to drink with no aftertaste." 

Those claims all sound great, but not wanting to take the store's word for it, I have tried No Name beer for myself and in my opinion, it's as bad as you'd expect. 

Via Elizabeth Keith

Let's start with the packaging. The beer comes in a cardboard box with No Name's simple and iconic black words on a yellow background. That's fine but when you open the box it's a little bit weird.

Via Elizabeth Keith

Each bottle in the box I got was slightly scuffed and almost looked like another label had been peeled off before the No Name label was stuck on, not well I might add, each one had creases and air bubbles in them. Given the brand and price, I can't be too mad about this presentation. Let's get into what really matters, the taste. 

Via Elizabeth Keith

This beer was advertised as light and malty, crisp, and easy to drink. I will agree with two of those claims. This beer is super easy to drink and light, but for all the wrong reasons. Like I said before, I'm not a beer expert but this particular brew is so light that I would call it watery. 

Of course, it tastes like beer, but it's not a super strong taste. There is also a bit of a sweetness to it though that makes it a bit more interesting, but in my opinion still not a good beer. I think the best way to sum it all up is that if you want to party for cheap this beer would get the job done because it's easy to drink, but if you drink beer for the taste or are having guests over, you likely wouldn't want to serve this. 

Taste aside, I'm not the only one who was eager to get my hands on this No Name beer today. Based on a mix of the ultra-low price and genuine curiosity, the product has already sold out completely online. 

Stock in LCBO stores range depending on where you are, but in some stores, it is dwindling greatly. According to the LCBO website, some stores in Lindsay, Chatham, Whitby, Ottawa, Sudbury, London, and Toronto all have less than 10 units on hand meaning they will likely sell out soon. On the other hand, other stores in Washago, Sudbury, Newcastle, Hamilton, and Downtown Toronto have stock over 200. 

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The No Name beer is available at the low $1 per bottle price today until February 17 only as part of a buck-a-beer special for the Family Day long weekend here. After that, the price goes up to $10.45 for a six-pack. 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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