I Tried Selena Gomez's Workout Routine And Here's How It Went

I got a fetish for her workout routine.
I Tried Selena Gomez's Workout Routine And Here's How It Went

Selena Gomez is one of Hollywood's most loved celebrities. She doesn't shy away from sharing her ever so private health issues and it's truly admirable. Selena, who recently had a kidney transplant due to the auto-immune disease Lupus, has always looked in shape and toned AF. And recently she's been seen out and about after taking a hot yoga class (when she's not hanging with Justin Bieber, obviously). Safe to say Selena loves to switch up her workout routine. 

Other than being an amazing person for young girls to look up to, she's also super busy from making music to making new movies. But she always makes sure to get in her workout routine, which I actually tried. Her trainer Amy Rosoff Davis is a celebrity trainer and said that Selena loves to mix yoga, pilates and toning for long and lean muscles. And let me tell you, it's no wonder Selena has such a nice body. This workout routine is not easy. 

When she's not doing hardcore workouts, Selena actually rides her bike to get some fresh air and a little exercise. When you have Lupus, it's super important to take care of your body. So Selena also takes ginger shots in the morning and keeps her diet clean, which is definitely another reason why her body is goals. 

If you're short on time, live in an apartment or don't have any weights, then this workout is perfect for you. You actually use your body weight to lean out your muscles, just by fatiguing the muscle itself. This sounds like you wouldn't be sore, but believe me, you'll feel it everywhere the next day! I honestly didn't think it would be that hard, since I'm an avid Kayla Itsines' BBG Workout lover however you actually feel tighter and more toned the next day. So add this to your workout routine a couple days a week, and you'll have Selena Gomez's body in no time! This workout had me sweating like crazy, and burning everywhere. Enjoy! 

The Workout: 

1st Move: Plie Squat 

Start in a plie squat position, with your arms in second position (arms stretched out beside you). Squat up and down through your heels for 50 reps. This is the warmup! This works your inner thighs and booty and your arms.

2nd Move: Pulse Plie Squat

Stay in the lower plie squat position and pulse. You'll do 50 reps of these as well, and believe me, it burns!

3rd Move: Plie Squat Toe Raise

Again, in the lower plie squat position, hold your heels up and pulse again. This is almost exactly the same as the second position but your heels are raised off the ground. 50 reps of this.

4th Move: Plie Squat Stretch

Putting your hands on the ground in a plie squat still, lift your bum up and down stretching your back and your legs. 20 of these.

5th Move: Kneeling to Standing Lunge 

Bent over your bent leg with your other leg out behind you, straighten your front leg and your back leg so you're standing. Repeat this for 10 reps.

6th Move: Standing Leg Tap 

Standing with your right arm in front and your left arm back (arms in the same position), tap the back foot up and down slowly to feel the burn. 30 reps.

7th Move: Standing Bent Leg Pulse

Similar to the move above, but bend the standing leg and pulse it up and down. 30 reps.

*Repeat this whole circuit on the other leg*

8th Move: Circle Arms

With your legs spread and your arms out, circle your arms but make sure they're stiff and firm. Do a song's worth of these, reversing in the middle.

9th Move: Side to Side Arm Reach

While moving your hips from side to side, reach your arms out to the side as well. This will work your obliques and your arms. You can also slap your hands to the back which will work your triceps. 30 of these.

10th Move: Arm Slap Back

Raise your arms to your side with your shoulders down, and slap your hands to the back. The only movement should be coming from your hands, working all of your arms. 30 reps.

11th Move: Up and Down Bent Arms 

With your arms raised and bent, flip your arms from up and down. 30 reps.

12th Move: Straight to Bent Leg Ab Crunch

Starting on your back, straighten your legs and then bring them down to your side into froggie position as you sit up with your elbows to knees. Hands behind your head. 30 reps.

13th Move: Straight Leg Scissor Crunch

While keeping your legs straight and up, cross your legs and crunch up when you cross them. Switch legs each time. 30 reps.

14th Move: Straddle Leg Crunch

As you crunch up, with your legs lifted and straight, open your legs out to the side. 30 reps.

15th Move: Open Leg Crunch

Keeping your legs up and open, crunch up and down. 30 reps.

16th Move: Standard Crunch

Whether you bend your knees, have them in a tabletop position or at 90 degrees, crunch up and down. 30 reps.

17th Move: Bridge Pulses

In a bridge position, pulse up and down. 50 reps.

18th Move: Bridge Knee Pulses

In a bridge position, staying up, pulse your legs in and out. 50 reps.

19th Move: Bridges

Doing just a normal bridge up and down, but don't touch your butt to the ground. 30 reps.

Are you sore yet?! If you are, you don't have to wonder how Selena Gomez gets her banging body. This workout should take about 30 minutes, and you'll be so sore the next day. I know I was, and I was even sore in muscles I didn't know I had.

If the steps confused you in any way, here is a video explaining everything:

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