I Tried The New Tim Hortons Chicken Strips And This Is My Honest Opinion

Tim Horton's new chicken strips have been taste tested so you can know what it's like before you try it.

Tim Hortons recently made a new addition to their menu, but it's safe to say that not everyone is a fan. Tim Hortons added Chicken Strips to their menu across  Canada just last week. I gave them a try and I'm sharing my honest opinion of them with you. 

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I tried their Chicken Strips so that you don't have to, and if you were previously planning on doing so, this article may have just saved you $6.45. With Tim Hortons' new Chicken Strips, you can either get three pieces of chicken and one dipping sauce for $6.45 or five pieces of chicken and two dipping sauces for $9.35. 

For your accompanying sauce, you can choose between sweet and sour, honey mustard or BBQ. According to the Tim Hortons website, their Chicken Strips are made with whole chicken breasts. 

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It's safe to say that Canadians have not been loving the Chicken Strips – in fact, people have been downright ripping them apart and not holding back. Canadians have been super disappointed by Tim Horton's new Chicken Strips, and after trying them out for myself, I can see where the criticisms come from.


Via Tim Hortons Website


Via nicolehuui

 Many Canadians agree that the Chicken Strips meal is not at all worth spending the $6.45, and after trying it for myself, I have made some conclusions.

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First off, Canadians have been complaining that they're overpriced. If you take a look at the portion size, you're basically paying $6.45 for around six bites total, meaning each bite is $1 more than you should have had to spend for a chicken strip. Each strip is approximately the size of two fingers – check out the photo below for proof. 

Via nicolehuui

There are so many things you can get for $6.45, and Canadians have been advising others on social media to avoid spending their hard earned money on them. I have to agree with them here - there are many popular items on the Tims menu that are more filling.

One of the major complaints on social media about Tim Horton's new Chicken Strips was that they were tasteless, and upon trying them, I partially agree.

@TimHortons just paid $5.69 for three chicken strips that were barely bigger than my thumb.....seriously??? They didn’t even taste good. Never again. #ripoff #fail #pleasejusttakemymoney

January 13, 2019

They're also not the crispiest out there – in fact, my boyfriend even said that the breading tastes like cardboard. We found the chicken hard to chew, due to the breading. There was a fair amount of crisp and crunch to the strip, but many Canadians say otherwise.

Although Canadians have been complaining that the chicken is dry, the accompanying dipping sauce helped add some flavour to the meal. I'm also happy to report that they were also heated up and warm.

So this is what 6 bucks gets you for three chicken "strips" at @TimHortons Sauce included for scale. Sorry I asked. pic.twitter.com/N1jBEbHwfa

January 10, 2019

The final verdict? You can likely find better Chicken Strips at places that specialize in them. Stick with what you already like next time you hit up Tims, like their Timbits and coffee. 

If you want to try Tim Horton's new Chicken Strips and judge for yourself whether they live up to your expectations, you can get them at participating Tim Hortons locations across the country.