I Tried This Hangover Supplement Drink & Here's How I Felt The Next Morning

You can get it on sale just in time for the Super Bowl!

I Tried This Hangover Supplement Drink & Here's How I Felt The Next Morning
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The older I get, the harder it is to recover after a night of drinking. I've lost many Sundays to staying in bed all day with a bottle of Gatorade — which is why I was very intrigued to hear about the More Labs Morning Recovery, a supplement that claims to help with hangover symptoms.

The directions say to consume the 100-millilitre bottle while you're drinking alcohol or up to an hour after your last drink for the best effects. And just like that, you're supposed to feel better in the morning.

But does it really work? I bought a few bottles on Amazon Canada ($37.99 for a six-pack) to put it to the test. Here are my thoughts.

*Note: you can now get a 12-pack for $20 off or a 24-pack for $30 off when you shop directly from the More Labs site using the codes GAMEDAY20 or GAMEDAY30.

The Ingredients

The supplement is free of soy, caffeine, and gluten, so you're good to go if you can't have those ingredients.

Some of the key ingredients that do give this tiny beverage its superpowers are electrolytes, vitamin B complex, botanicals like milk thistle and something called DHM, which has been proven to help with liver damage.

The Taste

I got the lemon flavour which actually tasted more like a really, really concentrated lemon iced tea. I was pretty surprised at how sweet this stuff was. I read comments from other shoppers who said they actually used it to chase their drink, which I think could taste pretty good.

There's also a sugar-free version for $37.99 if you prefer that.

The Next Morning

My worst hangover symptoms are usually headache and fatigue (with a little bit of nausea sprinkled in). While I definitely think it helped get rid of my throbbing headache, I have to say, I still needed my double espresso in the morning.

It did make me feel more clear-headed though, and I was able to get out of bed and go on with my day with more ease.

I didn't feel nauseous the next day either, but it's not usually a huge problem for me, so it may affect you differently.

The Verdict

Do I think Morning Recovery is a miracle cure that'll work for everyone? Truthfully, I'd say no.

Having said that, it's definitely worth trying – especially with the Super Bowl around the corner – because I do think it's a good product with healthy ingredients (don't forget to use codes GAMEDAY20 and GAMEDAY30!)

It's a little pricey at just over $6 a bottle (you can only buy it in packs of six, 12 or 24 right now) but it doesn't hurt to keep on hand for special occasions or if you have things to do the next day after a party and don't want to feel like total crap.

My overall rating:

More Labs Morning Recovery

Want to wake up without a pounding hangover the next morning? Then you have to try Morning Recovery. It's a drink made with a blend of electrolytes and minerals to help support liver function. You can get a pack of six, 12 or 24 bottles from their website or Amazon Canada.

More Labs
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