I Tried Tim Hortons' New Valentine's Day Themed Treats And This Is My Honest Opinion

Taste test Tim Horton's Valentine's Day treats and drinks 2019 and these are my honest thoughts.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Tim Hortons has released several new treats today on February 6 to help you get excited for the most romantic day of the year. Tim Hortons has released five new Valentine's Day baked treats and two new beverages and two returning beverages at locations across Canada. Sounds delicious right? However, do they really taste as good as they sound? That's what we went to find out. I tried Tim Horton's new Valentine's Day treats and this is my honest opinion of them. 

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For Valentine's Day themed drinks, Tims has released a full red velvet flavoured collection. There is a New Red Velvet Iced Capp, New Red Velvet Latte, Red Velvet Hot Chocolate and Red Velvet French Vanilla.

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As for baked treats, Tim Hortons has released the Red Velvet Cookie and Red Velvet Muffin, as well as a Be Mine Donut, which is a heart-shaped Boston cream donut that is topped with white chocolate and sprinkled with red sugar.


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Red Velvet Iced Capp 

The Red Velvet drinks had so much potential, but I'm sad to report that they did not live up to it. The Red Velvet Iced Capp sounds amazing, but the reality is not exactly close.

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The drink wasn't awful, it still tasted like a regular ol' Tims Iced Capp and if you're into that, you'll like it and it's good. However, that was the main problem – it only tasted like a normal Iced Capp and nothing extra. There was a tinge of red velvet flavour here and there if you really looked for it, but overall, it tasted like a normal Tim Hortons Iced Capp with red sugar dusted on top.

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Red Velvet Latte

Anyone who has tried Tim Hortons' new Red Velvet Latte probably won't get it again. The drink barely resembles coffee – it tastes super sugary and lacks that strong coffee flavour. It's overly sweet and you can barely taste the coffee in it - coffee lovers won't be too impressed with this one.

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The drink tastes like sugary milk and that's not really something you want when you order a coffee. Also, we tried but could not find the red velvet taste in it either, so there's pretty much no wins with this latte.

Baked Treats: 

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Be Mine Donut

The Be Mine Donut was the real champion of Tim Hortons' Valentine's Day collection in terms of both its aesthetic and taste. The dessert looks cute to boot and is an adorable little treat to give to your Valentine, especially with its adorable heart shape.

In regards to taste, the donut does not disappoint. It is the right amount of sweetness with the white chocolate topping. The filling in the middle, which is Boston Cream and raspberry jam, also added a nice flavour to the donut. There were three different textures too, which added to the tasting experience.

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Red Velvet Muffin

The Red Velvet Muffin didn't really taste like red velvet – in fact, it didn't really taste like much at all. There wasn't really a distinct flavour to it. It wasn't a bad muffin necessarily but it wasn't anything special.

It just tasted like any other regular muffin that you could get at Tim Hortons, except that it looked red. Of all the treats, it was the most disappointing one, but hey, you can't win them all I guess?

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Red Velvet Cookie

Tim Hortons' Red Velvet Cookie was a nice little treat. If you want to taste the red velvet flavour, this was the closest thing you could get at Tims. It was also the treat that looked the most like red velvet.

The cookie was soft and chewy, with a nice cream filling in the middle. The white chocolate chips on top were a nice touch and provided a good mixture of textures. However, it was quite sweet, so you probably wouldn't want to try more than one unless you have a really big sweet tooth.

The Winner Is...

The Be Mine donut was the real winner of the bunch. Ironically (or maybe coincidentally?), it was the only V-day item from Tim Hortons this year that didn't have any red velvet. Maybe this shows that red velvet might not be Tim Hortons' thing and they should stop trying to make it happen – cue Regina George's voice.

The Red Velvet cookie was good too and the Red Velvet Iced Capp is a nice seasonal treat if you enjoy the original Iced Capp. Overall though, if you love red velvet, you won't find the taste in Tim Horton's Valentine's Day items but they are still a nice treat if you want something V-day themed for the season of love.