I Watched Lady Gaga's New Documentary And It Was Painful

I Watched Lady Gaga's New Documentary And It Was Painful

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters were probably thrilled to hear that her documentary Five Foot Two was finally released on Netflix.

Most of the 31-year-old singer's fans were eagerly awaiting the release, after Gaga announced that she planned on taking a break from music .

On a personal level, Lady Gaga has not had it easy (her recent split with her fiance Taylor Kinney, ongoing health problems, etc.) however professionally it seems like her career is reaching new heights.

Here's all we learn about her during the movie, painful as it was to watch.

1. She separated from Taylor Kinney last summer, someone who she shared a 3 year relationship with, because they were just not at the same place in their lives.

2. She has a massive homes in Malibu & California, and a sublime apartment in NYC.

3. She tends not to feel good when she's single.

4. She broke her hip on tour three years ago, and still suffers terrible pain from the injury. Each show is very hard on her body.

5. She says she feels sexier and more desirable than ever before.

6. Whenever she was asked to be sexy or very mainstream in the past, she always added her outlandish touch to keep some level of control.

7. She smokes, drinks, and eats while recording her songs in the studio.

8. According to her, you mentally stop growing when 21-22 years old when you’re famous but she plans to grow up and mature beyond that.

9. She finds her glamorous style has become boring.

10. She has a very good relationship with her body, and even attended a meeting topless in her documentary.

11. She's looking forward to being an old rock star.

12. She suffers from anxiety.

13. She's now experienced her third great heartbreak.

14. She consumes a lot of drugs and alcohol.

15. Her family is the most important thing to her.

16. She aims to always do things that surprise the world and will purposely do the opposite of what is expected of her.

We learn a lot of intimate details about the pop superstar during those 100 minutes where she got raw and real. So why is the movie painful to watch?

Lady Gaga recently announced suffering from fibromyalgia , a syndrome characterized by chronic pain throughout the body.

This syndrome often prevents those affected from living normal lives and sometimes even working. The artist spends more than half the documentary suffering terribly, crying and receiving care to control the symptoms of this incurable disease.

In the documentary, she's regularly seen getting her makeup / hair done while crying, so badly that her team needs to use cold spoons to reduce the puffiness around her eyes. Yet in the next clip you see her go on stage and absolutely kill.

Five Foot Two , which has been highly praised, was also really painful to watch because, while very insightful, it at times was also very annoying.

It was an hour and a half of  conversations with no context and a variety of shots of her crying from different angles. And after reading some of the reviews circulating on the web, I wasn't the only who felt a little disappointed.

Verdict? I understand that the purpose of the documentary was to humanize Lady Gaga and introduce the world to Stefani Germanotta - the woman behind the red carpet antics. However in the end it left me with more questions than answers.

So should you watch? Yes, it's a documentary definitely worth watching, if only to see Lady Gaga go through a full image revamp and to get a behind the scenes look at the lead up to the release of her Joanne album. Just make sure to watch it with a glass of wine and one finger on the fast forward button (at least for a few scenes).

Rewrite/ Translation from: Narcity Quebec