I Watched Netflix's New Show 'Insatiable' And This Is My Honest Opinion

It's not easy to watch.
I Watched Netflix's New Show 'Insatiable' And This Is My Honest Opinion

Netflix isn't short of controversial shows. We can't forget about 13 Reasons Why, which is probably at the top of the list. There is also a show called Dear White People, which had fans furious over just the title itself. Netflix just released a new show, which even by the trailer had everyone talking. And not in a good way.

Insatiable is a new Netflix original which is a show about a young girl named Patty that is made fun of and looked down on based on her weight. She gets into a fight with a homeless man, which leads to having her jaw locked, which makes her lose a significant amount of weight (70lbs to be exact) which leads her to becoming this future beauty queen. And quite frankly, she becomes a completely different person. Based on the trailer alone, more than 150k people signed a petition to cancel the new series. And after watching only the first episode, I can see why.

In the pilot episode, Patty's new beauty pageant coach, Bob, is accused of sexual assault on one of his clients in front of everyone at the pageant. This is a serious topic, and it really wreaks havoc on his career. However, the way Insatiable went about it was totally wrong. In this day and age, especially after the #MeToo movement that really, and proudly, took over Hollywood this year, you'd think Netflix would be more sensitive on this topic.

The way Patty and Bob meet is random and weird, as he is actually a lawyer as his full-time job, but he hasn't gotten a single case since he was accused of sexual assault. He takes the family on pro bono after Patty's fight with a homeless man, as they have no money. Come to realize, Patty wants revenge on everyone who has ever made fun of her, so they would be a great pageant team. To be quite honest, this show seems like it should be on ABC back in 2010 when these issues weren't exactly talked about. In 2018, it would not surprise me if this show didn't get renewed.

Does a locked jaw and a liquid juice diet completely revamp someone's life? That's what this show seems to be about. Oh, and don't forget about the only friend that she had while overweight, which ends up, of course, having a crush on her. But don't worry, she denies it. While all of this is happening, Patty's voiceover announces loud and clear that she is in love with her beauty pageant coach, Bob. This show already has way too many twists and turns and it's only 20 minutes into the 44 minute episode.

Later on in the episode, while on trial for hitting the homeless man, it seems like the show tries to get deep and Patty goes on a rant about how she doesn't want to send the message that every 'fat' person should just take the criticism. Even if that means getting punched in the face. While I get where they're trying to go with that, the show completely contradicts itself as Patty goes on to get revenge on everyone that bullies her. Is that the message we really want to send to young adults? That in order to get revenge, losing weight and becoming mean and nasty is the only way to do so?

In my honest opinion, the show makes no sense. We have a young girl that used to be overweight but ultimately lost the weight from hitting a homeless man that taunted her about eating a candy bar. Then, we have a high profile beauty pageant coach who is also a lawyer, helping out her and her family while the whole city hates him for an alleged sexual assault. We have another lawyer who is his enemy, both of their families, and it seems like all their stories kind of sort of tie together. But while watching the first episode I kept saying to myself, "Huh?"

By the end of the show, Patty goes to an AA meeting with her mom where she meets someone that looks familiar. It turns out that same guy is the homeless man she once got into a fight with, which allowed her to lose the weight. She goes back to his hotel to sleep with him and get revenge by dousing him in vodka and was about to set him on fire. Yes, that's where the show is heading. She ultimately doesn't do it, calls up her crush, Bob, and says she's in with the beauty pageant. Didn't see that one coming!

If you're planning on watching Insatiable, don't. The show gives off a very distraught vibe, and I'm surprised it even got past the brainstorm for new show ideas. The only reason I am intrigued to watch the rest of the season is to see how many guns (there were two in the first episode alone) and/or violent methods they use. However, by the title of the second episode which is "Skinny Is Magic", I doubt I'll be wasting any more time. You can stream Insatiable on Netflix now, and if you haven't already, you can watch the trailer below.