Did you know you can visit these ultra-secret ice caves in Whistler? Surrounded by towering bright blue ice walls, the setting looks like something out of a frozen fantasyland. But this jaw-dropping spot really does exist, and is somewhere you'll want to add to your bucket list.

Getting to the Blue Room is the ultimate adventure. To get there, you'll need to book a tour through Head-Line Mountain Holidays. They'll whisk you away on a day tour so breathtaking it could be a date on The Bachelor.

They told Narcity in an email that the once-in-a-lifetime "experience is always designed to the guest's specifications, wants and desires so everything from the menu to the mode of transport."

To start, you'll get to explore the frozen wonderland by either snowmobile or snow buggy until you reach a labyrinth of ice caves. Inside you'll have a guide to help you navigate the explore the largest southernmost temperate latitude ice cap in the world.

You'll feel like you are surrounded by sparkling frozen diamonds as you stroll from room to room. Finally, once you reach the Blue Room, you get to have a meal fit for A-list celebrities.

You'll get to have a luxurious private five-course meal in the heart of the ice cave without anyone else in sight. Here you'll dine on melt in your mouth rib eye, top-notch caviar, and a glass of Krug champagne.

We bet you are already eager to sign up, but it even gets better. Next, you'll take to the sky and board a private helicopter to fly over the ice field.

You'll want to have your camera ready, as you'll get a picturesque view of one of the most incredible fjords on the west coast. From your birds-eye view, you'll glide over ancient volcanic peaks and old-growth forests too.

The full-day experience lasts between five and seven hours.

Unlike other tours, you'll get to decide where you want to spend your time. So if you prefer to spend more time flying in the helicopter or roaming the ice caves, it is your call.

Prices for this once in a lifetime experience start at $20,000 for two people with your choice of departure point, including Whistler, Vancouver and Victoria.

Moreover, all the ice adventuring gear you need to stay toasty will be provided too. If we end up winning the lottery any time soon, this is totally how we will spend our weekends. 

Blue Room

Price: $20,000+ for two people

Address: Tour pickup in Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria and more.

Why You Need To Go: You can see a labyrinth of ice caves.