You won't even feel cold when visiting this frosty spot. Every year, the fairytale-worthy ice hotel in Canada opens and even Disney's Elsa would approve. But you don't need to start the car and drive to Quebec City. Instead, you can tour around virtually all for free.

Hotel de Glace is North America's only ice hotel. The gigantic complex has suites, an ice bar, a spa and chapel crafted out of snow and ice.

In the past, you would need to break the bank and pay $379 a night for a hotel room. Or you could see parts of the building by booking a tour for $27.99, plus the cost of commuting to Quebec City.

But now you can explore at your heart's content without leaving your home. Best of all, you can stay nice and toasty while you explore the frozen wonderland.

Typically the igloo-like structure is kept at a chilly minus 5, but thankfully you don't need a parka for the virtual tour.

You can navigate from room to room with your mouse. You'll get to see all the best spots, like the throne chair, slide, and all the fancy suites.

It is incredible, as each room is more breathtaking than the last. You'll see sculpted snow animals and furniture carved out of the frozen water.

The rooms are dazzling, illuminated in different colours that reflect on the crystal-like walls.

Usually, the temporary building can only be seen for a few weeks before it melts away. But now you'll be able to visit whenever you want.

We love how you can zoom up close to all the ornate details, and you don't need to worry about tourists blocking the view.

When exploring, you'll have two options on the bottom left corner. The first will let you navigate from room to room as though you are really there. The second 'dollhouse' function enables you to jump to any place you want quickly.

If you've always wanted to see the famous ice hotel for yourself, right now from your couch is a perfect time.

Hotel de Glace

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy a free virtual tour of a hotel made out of ice and snow.