You Can Skate On A 29 Km Frozen Trail Surrounded By Mountains In BC This Winter

It's the world's longest ice trail!

Skating can either be the most adorable or the most frustrating winter activity. If you're skating in the great outdoors, holding hands, sipping hot chocolate, and breathing in the fresh air, it's pretty enchanting. If you're skating in tiny circles around a jam-packed public rink while kids push chairs on all sides of you, it's a little less than ideal. Lucky, this ice skating trail in B.C. is the world's longest, and you can skate your heart out without a shred of the claustrophobia.

The ice trail, formally called the Lake Windermere Whiteway, is located on Lake Windermere in British Columbia. The village of Windermere is on one side of the lake, and the town of Invermere is on the other.

People travel to Lake Windermere year-round to spend time in the beautiful vacation hot-spot. It's a total dream in the summer, with the warm lake and sandy beaches, and just as lovely in the winter if you're a fan of skating, skiing, and mountain views.

Another reason to head to the lake in winter is the epic Whiteway. A whopping 29.98 kilometres long, you can skate into the sunset with your hot chocolate (and Baileys) in hand.

If you need a few more items on your winter bucket list, look no further. Skating or cross-country skiing on this frozen lake is a must-do winter activity in B.C.

Because the lake is so shallow, sitting at about 15 feet deep, the entire lake freezes. Therefore, the ice-covered beauty becomes your winter playground.

Now, this magical trail isn’t just for leisurely skating. There is also a Whiteway Winter Challenge every year in January. You complete as either an individual or a team, similar to a triathlon. The event including skating, skiing and running, and each one is 10 kilometres in length.

Winter opens up the door for a whole variety of outdoor activities. From winter hikes and snowshoeing to skiing and ice skating, there is so much fun to be had.

When a bluebird day rolls around, you might as well head out to Lake Windermere for a gorgeous skate surrounded by snow-topped mountains.

It's also close enough to Alberta for a quick road trip so Albertans can enjoy the world's longest ice trail, too.

Lake Windermere Whiteway

When: As soon as the lake freezes!

Address: Lake Winderemere, BC

Why You Need To Go: Skate along a beautiful, seemingly endless ice path surrounded by mountain views and bluebird skies.

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