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If You Live In Ontario You'll Be Able To Buy Marijuana On Shopify And Here's Where

Well, it seems the Ontario government has been making more moves surrounding legal marijuana past creating cringey handbooks about it and claiming the average price is apparently $4. The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC), has now announced who will be the online retailer for any and all legal marijuana circulating Ontario. 

The Ontario government just signed a deal with Shopify to act as the online distributor for marijuana once the drug is legalized in the province. The Ottawa based company will join LCBO who will be the physical distributor for the drug come the Summer when the drug is suspected to be legalized. Not only will Shopify act as an online sales platform, but their technology will also be used in physical stores through digital screens and iPads that will be able to process transactions. 

The OCRC note that regardless of whether you will be buying online or in person, the same experience, information, and responsibilities guidelines will be present through the buying process. Along with the addition of online sales to the legal marijuana industry that will soon be hitting the market comes 40 stores that will arrive during the initial wave before growing to an expected 150 storefronts come 2020. 

While other provinces such as British Columbia and Alberta are allowing for the private selling of cannabis, legal marijuana in Ontario will only be offered through storefronts and online retailers that are backed by the government. While the July end date for legalization was previously up in the air, with how quickly the government is moving to get everything in place, we imagine the legalization date isn't too far off! 


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