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If You Think Ontario's Distracted Driving Laws Are Strict, This Province's Laws Are Borderline Ridiculous

Ontario's distracted driving fines and penalties are some of the harshest in all of Canada, next to one other province.
If You Think Ontario's Distracted Driving Laws Are Strict, This Province's Laws Are Borderline Ridiculous

While all of Canada got an upgrade to their distracted driving laws, if there is one province in particular that saw serious improvements to their legislation, it's Ontario. The newly enacted laws make Ontario's distracted driving fines and penalties some of the harshest in all of Canada.

But, while Ontario's distracted driving laws may be deemed the strictest, that doesn't mean that other provinces don't have their own harsh penalties for distracted driving. Though there is one province that seems to nearly give Ontario's legislation a run for its money, and that province is none other than Alberta. 

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Alberta's legislation is not only strict but also quite odd when it comes to how specific the law gets. In general, anything that falls under distracted driving in Alberta right now will cost the driver 3 demerit points and a $287 fine. The fine is up from a previous fine of $172 along with losing points. 

While most of the law covers standard ideas of distraction such as using a mobile device by texting or inputting an address into a GPS, there are some more niche circumstances the province's law covers as well. 

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The distracted driving laws in Alberta cover oddities such as shaving, curling your hair, clipping your nails, flossing your teeth or putting on makeup while driving. While putting on lipstick while at a red light may seem common enough to enforce a law around it, it's easy to wonder just how many shaving-while-driving cases were reported in Alberta for it to be included in the legislation. 

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Regardless, it's clear that Alberta wanted to get as specific as possible when it comes to what counts as distracted driving. While some of the proposed situations sound a little ridiculous to the average driver, they likely wouldn't be included in the law if police hadn't witnessed them on the road with their own eyes. 

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Clearly, provinces across the board are rising to the occasion to create stricter laws to deter drivers from distracted driving in an effort to make roads across the country safe. To learn more about Ontario's distracted driving laws you can click here, to find out more about Alberta's, you can click here