Have you ever found such a good deal while wandering around the aisles of IKEA that you just want to party? This month, your dream may become a reality as IKEA locations across Canada are hosting a massive House Party as part of their Home Furnishing Festival. That's right, in multiple IKEA locations around Canada there will a late-night party with loads of food, music, and activities that you won't want to miss. 

According to IKEA, this House Party will be taking place on August 16 across multiple IKEA locations, including Burlington, North York, Ottawa, and Calgary. IKEA family members will be able to catch a rare glimpse of what the store looks like after closing, as the party is expected to run from 9:30 PM until 11:30 PM. 

This party will offer a variety of activities that vary from store to store. IKEA confirmed to Narcity that some of the activities that you may spot include Swedish trivia, Guess that sound, a photo opp station, and a mixology station that blends IKEA food beverages together. 

The party will also be focusing on celebrating how sound helps to personalize a home. Due to this, attendees will be able to spot WiFi speakers across the store as part of their SYMFONISK collaborative collection with Sonos. 

However, it's not just the one house party that Canadians will be able to enjoy this month. After the major house party kick off this Friday, a week of events will follow, which will include a variety of workshops. 

Some of these workshops include "A Good Night Sleep" which will allow IKEA customers to connect with 'sleep experts' to discover how you can optimize your sleep patterns. 

Another workshop that IKEA members can spot throughout stores across the nation is "Refresh Your Style" which will help shoppers learn how to express their styles through simple changes around the home. 

In terms of sale offers, IKEA confirmed to Canada that this is something that will vary store to store and is not something that will remain the same throughout the country. The best ways to check out deals that will be happening in your store during this house party event is to visit the local store home page, which you can find through their website. 

In order to sign up for any of these events, including the late-night house party, you need to register beforehand and be an IKEA family member. Luckily, signing up for a membership is free of charge and is super easy to do. On top of this, every IKEA family member is also able to bring a plus one to the party. 

To view and sign up for a House Party event in your IKEA location, make sure to view their website here. 

It's time to get your party on! 

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