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IKEA Canada Recall Of A Popular 3-Drawer Chest Is Because It's Not Safe Anymore

When you buy a big piece of furniture, do you anchor it to the wall? One retailer in Canada thinks you should and is withdrawing one of its products for related reasons. The IKEA Canada recall for a popular three-drawer dresser is because it doesn't meet safety standards anymore.

A new ASTM standard update has led the retailer to recall its KULLEN three-drawer chest in Canada along with the U.S., Puerto Rico and China to comply with the safety guidelines.

This particular dresser has been sold in Canada since 2016 and comes with a permanent tip-over warning label and tip-over restraints.

So far there haven't been any reports of serious injuries related to the KULLEN chest identified by the retailer but it's still being recalled.

In a news release, the company stated that the product is safe to use if it's attached to the wall like it says to do in the assembly instruction.

If you have the KULLEN three-drawer chest but don't have it properly anchored to the wall, they want you to stop using it because of the tip-over hazard.

You can bring it back to Returns & Exchanges at any IKEA location and get a refund.

If you don't want to give up your dresser but didn't keep the attachments, you can pick up a free wall anchoring kit in-store or get it delivered when you contact the retailer online or by phone.

IKEA is also offering a one-time, free wall-anchoring service in-home if customers request it.

The home furnishing company wants Canadians to secure every chest of drawers to the wall for safety, not just the KULLEN.

There's even a global campaign to educate customers about anchoring the products.

"We want our customers to feel secure that the IKEA product range complies with all relevant laws and standards," the retailer said in the news release.

Along with recalling hazardous products and creating safety campaigns, the furniture company is launching its GLESVÄR family of chests and dressers that have features designed to decrease the tip-over risk in April 2020.

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