Spring is the perfect time for the motto 'out with the old and in with the new.' If you've been wanting to participate in spring cleaning and purge all of the old things you have laying around in your house and completely update your home, IKEA Canada has got you covered! 

Us Canadians are pretty much obsessed with IKEA and not just because of their $1 hot dogs and Swedish meatballs. Their furniture is affordable and faithfully stylish and that's why we all keep going back. For spring IKEA Canada is offering a huge sale on furniture and you're going to want to participate.

IKEA Canada is hosting a 'Springtime Spree' sale which has some seriously amazing deals. From April 25th to 29th you can get 25% off select sofas and armchairs and up to 50% other select products!

Some of the best items you can find on sale right now include:

KIVIK Sectional 

Price: $249 $219

Jappling Armchair

Price: $369 $269 

Kivik Footstool 

Price: $249 $219 

There are so many more items up for sale on their website, check it out and make your purchase!