Now that the NBA Championships are over and the Toronto Raptors Victory Parade has finished, you may have thought all the hype surrounding the big win has finally ended. Let's be real though, us Canadians will probably never stop talking about the playoffs. Over the past few weeks, plenty of major companies have hopped on board the celebrations, and now, IKEA celebrates Toronto Raptors NBA Championship with adorable houseplants.

If you've been keeping up with all the playoff entertainment, you may have heard about 'Plant Guy', a Raptors fan who firmly believed that by giving MVP Kawhi Leonard the gift of a house plant, he would have no choice but to stay in Toronto for at least another year.

After talking with Global News, Plant Guy went viral very quickly. "It’s a plant for Kawhi. It’s a Kawhi plant. It’s a Kawhi cactus. A Kawhactus," he said after game six. Before you know it, #PlantGuy was trending on Twitter, and Canadians everywhere became obsessed.

Fans on Twitter aren't the only ones taking advantage of Plant Guy's creativeness though - IKEA has also hopped on the bandwagon, and is now selling adorable houseplants in hopes of getting Kawhi Leonard to stay in Toronto.

The above photo was posted to the Ikea Canada Instagram page yesterday, with a caption that reads, "A fun housewarming gift for a fun champion. #HeStay #PlantGuy#Kawactus". Fans are going seriously crazy over these plants, and honestly, we see why - the marketing here is GENIUS.

The houseplants are available online and in IKEA stores across Canada for just $9.99, and the company doesn't plan to discontinue them anytime soon.

Whether this ploy to keep Kawhi in Canada works or not, there's absolutely no denying that the star player has had a legendary impact on not only the Toronto Raptors, but on Canada as a whole. The NBA free agency kicks off on June 30th at 6 p.m. ET, so we don't have long to wait before we get answers from the Fun Guy himself.