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Ikea Is Recalling Candy In Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario And Quebec Due To Mice Infestation

Ikea food is known for being some of the best cheap eats you can get locally. I mean where else are you going to get a cinnamon bun and coffee for $2, or a delicious $1 ice cream cone? However, if all this talk about Ikea food has you thinking of heading over for some sweet treats, there's one thing you're going to want to skip. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency just announced, that the Ikea brand Marshmallow candy is being recalled due to possible contamination from a mice infestation. They say that the marshmallows  may contain harmful bacteria. 

So far there are no reported illnesses from people eating the marshmallows - but all the 100-gram packages sold in Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec should not be eaten.  

Via cfia

The packaging is labelled as  “Marshmallow candy” below the Ikea name “Godis Paskkyckling" and if you've have a pack or two laying around at home, and have already started eating them, the CFIA suggests that if you become ill that you go to your local doctor right away.