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IKEA Officially Launches Their Sell-Back Program Across Canada

IKEA officially launches their Sell-Back program across Canada meaning you can actually get money for your used furniture.
IKEA Officially Launches Their Sell-Back Program Across Canada

In an effort to make shopping more sustainable, IKEA officially launched their sell-back program across Canada today. The program allows customers to sell their gently used IKEA products back to the store in exchange for store credit. The products will then be resold or donated. 

In order to sell-back your IKEA products, you will need to be an IKEA family member, though it's free to sign up. Under your IKEA family account, you can click on the new "Sell-Back" tab. From there, you select your store, the product category and are then required to provide detailed information about the product. 

The form requires you to also upload at least three different photos of the product, to confirm what kind of condition the item is in. You will be given a reference number once you submit all the information. After that, an IKEA representative from the store will respond to you either with an offer for resale or they will decline the product. 

If you are given an offer from IKEA, you will have 30 days to bring the item to the IKEA location you selected at the start of the process. You simply have to bring the product, fully assembled and your reference number to the Returns and Exchanges area at the store and you'll get store credit. 

The program accepts a variety of products from IKEA so long as they are gently used, in good condition, and fully assembled. These products include: 

  • Dressers, office drawer cabinets, small structures with drawers, shoe storage, sideboards
  • Bookcases and shelf units
  • Cabinets
  • Chairs and stools
  • Chests of drawers
  • Dining tables and desks
  • Multimedia furniture
  • Small tables

The brand new program is part of IKEA's goal to become a more sustainable company. This is also part of their mission to become a fully circular business by 2030. 

Circular businesses models are designed to get the maximum value out of a program. Incentivised returns for used products is only one example of this. Other circular businesses rely on leasing or renting out products, collaborative consumption, and included repair services. 

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The new program soft-launched late in 2018 and in only two months saw over 7000 re-sale forms submitted online. The most resold items so far have been chairs, stools, bookcases, and dressers. 

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