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IKEA Unveils Kama Sutra Book For "Ultimate Bedroom Satisfaction"

The IKEA Kama Sutra manual will reignite passion in your bedroom like never before.

Yes, they really went there. IKEA is so determined to spice up your bedroom life that they launched their very own version of the Kama Sutra sex manual. The IKEA Kama Sutra is complete with all the things you'd expect - bizarre position names like "The Narcissus Delight" and "The Boogie Woogie", descriptions and, of course, photos.

"Are you satisfied with your bedroom? Have you grown bored or tired with the same old bedroom positions? Do you yearn for more? You've come to the right place" says IKEA. "Whether you're restless or yearning for more, this book has a position for you."

But, IKEA makes it clear that while the bedroom is in fact where the magic happens, their Kama Sutra book is not a guide to the magic itself, in the traditional sense. "By 'position' we mean bedroom solution," they write. "Wouldn't want you getting the wrong idea."

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The IKEA Kama Sutra manual has twenty unique "positions". It intends to inspire IKEA customers worldwide to feel "lifelong satisfaction" with their bedrooms and transform their space into their personal haven. Unfortunately, you can't get a physical copy - IKEA's Kama Sutra manual is only available for online download. 

Each "position" details the elements that make the bedroom unique and the specific desires that it intends to satisfy. "The Lotus Flower", for example, is inspired by northern forests and will make you to feel more connected to nature. The downloadable Kama Sutra manual comes with an illustration of each "position" and clickable links to shop each bedroom set.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Via IKEA.com

Via IKEA.com

Via IKEA.com

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You even have the "The Doggy Style", a bedroom designed for pet-owners. They really do have an ideal bedroom for every kind of lifestyle and personality. You simply have to see it for yourself. Take a look at the IKEA Kama Sutra here.