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You Can Buy A Rug That Looks Like A Giant IKEA Receipt In Canada This Week

The designer is also an artistic director at Louis Vuitton.
You Can Buy A Rug That Looks Like A Giant IKEA Receipt In Canada This Week

Have you ever wanted to have a giant rug that looks like an IKEA receipt be the focal point of your living room? Well, now's your chance. The new MARKERAD IKEA collection is an artistic spin on household items and it's available on November 1. 

MARKERAD, a collaboration between IKEA and fashion designer Virgil Abloh, combines everyday household items like rugs, tables and pillows with design elements the designer is known for in a 15-item collection being sold in IKEA stores across the country. 

Abloh is the founder and CEO of the fashion label Off-White and an artistic director at Louis Vuitton. Now his signature minimalist designs are making their way to IKEA to offer shoppers statement pieces that are practical but will also be focal points in any room.

"I want each item to bring people a sense of pride, and I want the great design to be the biggest reason why you get it," said Abloh in an IKEA handout.

One of the most eye-catching pieces is a rug that looks exactly like a huge IKEA receipt. And the receipt rug is actually a receipt for the receipt rug. What a trip. 

The rug is two feet by seven feet and only costs $99 CAD.

"The receipt is a trademark in itself that has been transformed into art. I think that this rug can just as easily be on a floor or hung on a wall - in both scenarios, the rug highlights the entire story which IKEA embodies," Abloh said.

The collaboration first came about back in 2017 when IKEA and Abhol teamed up to explore what kind of statement pieces first-time homebuyers would want to purchase for their homes that were practical but also eye-catching. Thus MARKERAD was born.

It will finally be available to shoppers on November 1. 

Aside from the trippy receipt rug, the 15-item collection has everything from a clock to a tool kit to a table and chairs to the Mona Lisa.

There are even the classic reusable IKEA shopping bags that are brown, not the bright blue and yellow plastic. 

A lot of the items have writing on them with Abhol's signature quotation marks to add a sense of irony and humour to the pieces. 

"Millennials expect you to solve the function as a basic thing, and they want you to create that added value, that emotional attachment to the product," said Henrik Most, creative leader at IKEA, in the handout.

On November 1 at 6:00 a.m., each store will give the first 300 IKEA Family members at the store wristbands for an exclusive shopping experience. 

Then at noon, the collection will be available for everyone else to purchase. There is a limited quantity of items that you can purchase from the collection.

Items in the collection range from $9.99 CAD to $349 CAD.

If you want to get your hands on that huge IKEA receipt rug you'll have to actually go into a store to do it. The collection isn't available for purchase online.

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