I'm Asian And I Watched "Crazy Rich Asians" And Here's What I Really Thought About It

Crazy Rich Asians is getting praise for representing Asians in Hollywood.
I'm Asian And I Watched "Crazy Rich Asians" And Here's What I Really Thought About It

Let's face facts, everyone and their moms have watched Crazy Rich Asians. The new blockbuster movie hit theatres last week and it's quickly become the most talked about film in months!

It's already become the #1 movie in Canada and the US in just under a week! Talk about crazy, eh?

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Well, I decided that as an Asian girl myself, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I have to be honest, I genuinely thought that it would just be a movie that shows off the glamour and all the richness of Asians in the Eastern world.

To my surprise, the glamour was only used to entertain and as a way to highlight other cultural realities. And yes, the movie really was spot on a cultural level.

Here are some points that I made, that may be interesting to know for people who aren't Asian that want to know more about how accurate the film is to an Asian viewer.

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Some Asians are seriously that rich. You may think that this was exaggerated, but no, it's true! Status and appearance are also a big part of our lives and this element of the film really rang true.

The tagline, "You will never be enough" is a very typical line that we hear quite often. It's not just a line that Hollywood made up, sadly a lot of Asians have this mentality. Another thing that's often true, what is said in the movie about Americans (and Canadians) is really what is being taught in Asian families.

Specifically, how Americans tend to teach their children to chase their passions and dreams, whereas Asian families more often prioritize their "family first".

The best scene by far had to the mahjong scene at the end of the film. There was so much symbolism here, it's not even funny. Even if you don't know how to play mahjong, the writers and directors supported the scene with verbal cues and dialogue so well that you'll still understand the scene.

I don't want to give it away if you haven't already seen it. But, I would definitely recommend watching Crazy Rich Asians if you haven't already!

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I have to say, the director and the producers did a really good job of representing our culture and showcasing diversity in this Hollywood film. I have to admit, I'm really excited to see the sequel!

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