Science World's IMAX Movies About Dinosaurs & Egyptian Mummies Are Free To Watch At Home

The screen will be a tiny bit smaller than usual.
Science World's IMAX Movies About Dinosaurs & Egyptian Mummies Are Free To Watch At Home

Growing up in Vancouver I definitely have seen my fair share of IMAX movies at Science World. Right now, you can watch a few of your favourites online for free. Your laptop screen might be a bit smaller than your typical IMAX theatre but it'll do in a pinch and makes a great distraction for when you've already watched everything on Netflix.

If you've already blown your way through Tiger King and finished rewatching The Office and Friends for the millionth time, then you could be researching for your next watch.

Vancouver's Science World is closed right now but on its website, there are three OMNIMAX films you can watch at home: Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs, Wild Ocean and Dinosaurs Alive!

You can rekindle your love of science at home with these celebrity-narrated documentaries that are perfect for watching late at night when its dark. Try pulling the laptop close up to your face to get that IMAX experience at home.

Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs is the one to watch if you love Indiana Jones movies and The Mummy. Narrated by Christopher Lee, you can watch ancient history come to life and learn about the Kings of Egypt and how they lived.

You can explore the most unexplored region of the world with Wild Ocean and see some of the most incredible things that happen under the water.

But it's Dinosaurs Alive! narrated by Michael Douglas that's the perfect remedy for any Jurrasic World lover who can't wait for the next film.

Plus, if you've always secretly wanted to be an astronaut, then there's even something for the space nerds. 

On their site, they have Science Theatre Shows that link to a ton of short films on British Columbia's Knowledge Network about planets, the solar system and space.

While the glittering geodesic dome at Science World is closed, you can still be as curious as you were when you were a kid from your couch by checking out their free movies.

Once they reopen, you might even be inspired to catch an OMNIMAX film in person again.

Science World's OMNIMAX Films

Price: Free

Why You Need To Watch: Whether you love nature, culture, or dinosaurs there's a documentary with your name on it that you can watch online right now.