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Theaters In These Florida Cities Will Show The New Impractical Jokers Movie This Month

Only a select few theaters are getting it, and there are a few across the Sunshine State.
Impractical Jokers Movie Will Be Shown In Multiple Florida Cities And Theaters

If you haven't heard of the Impractical Jokers yet, we might be a little surprised. The misfit group of guy friends Joe, Q, Murr, and Sal going around cracking jokes and throwing each other under the most embarrassing metaphorical bus makes for some hilarious television. While the truTV show blew up our TVs and broke our guts with laughter, they're about to hit the big screen — and there will be quite a few places to see the new Impractical Jokers Movie in Florida.

The Jokers themselves have finally given us a long-anticipated release date and theater locations showing their new upcoming film.

The flick will debut for the first time on February 21st, 2020 but there's a catch — only a handful of cities and theaters will debut the roll.

While this might come as a disappointment to some who didn't make the list, we Sunshine Staters are lucky enough to have multiple cities and locations that did.

Cities that will receive the new Joker's flick include St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Ft. Myers.

Joker, Joe Gatto, shared the comprehensive list of cities to his Instagram page, which includes other major cities across the country — including the link to snag your tickets ASAP.

Some of the additional cities to make the cut include Davenport in Iowa, Atlanta Georgia, Detroit Michigan, Dayton Ohio, and Dallas Texas.

While quite a few cities have made the list, not all theaters in that region will see The Impractical Jokers Movie. Be sure to check Fandango here to find the theaters near you that will be if you want to catch the show.

And if the movie is any bit as hilarious as their T.V. show, we're sure to bust a gut — especially if there are any punishments that are as gold as these ones.

According to the IMBD description, it will showcase a story about a humiliating high school mishap from 1992. This mishap sends the Jokers on a road trip, competing against each other in challenges with hidden-cameras for a chance to turn back time and redeem three of the four Joke Bros.

We wonder which of our favorite Jokers will be redeemed, and which one will be stuck with something embarrassing.

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