This April, the sky will be full of shooting stars. Look up and see if you can glimpse one during the 2020 Lyrid meteor shower in Florida. You can actually view the Lyrids from the Sunshine State, and the best place to see it is away from bright lights. Take a quick road trip out of the city this spring to see these dazzling meteors streak across the sky.

This year's Lyrid meteor shower will take place Thursday, April 16 tthrough Saturday, April 25, with its peak on Wednesday, April 22.

That's right, the best time to view this astronomical occurrence is smack-dab in the middle of the week before dawn on the 22nd, when the sky is at its darkest. 

The Lyrids will be the second shooting star event of 2020. If you didn't catch the Quadrantids back in January, this is your next chance to see one until May's Eta Aquariids

This meteor shower is one of the oldest on record. You can be a part of history and watch these twinkling meteoroids shoot across the night sky in a spectacular light show.

You may even be lucky enough to spot dozens of shooting stars. In the past, there have been bursts of 100 meteors within an hour during the Lyrids, but these are rare. 

Your best shot at glimpsing a shooting star is on a cloudless night during the meteor shower's peak time. You can see them with the naked eye, but your location needs to be dark.  

There are several great night sky viewing spots in Florida. These include Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, Turner Beach, and Babcock Webb Wildlife Management Area

Go on a mini trip outside the city to see the meteor shower this April. Bring your coziest blankets, lay back, and make a wish. 

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