Fans Can’t Get Over How Exhausting & Unsettling Netflix Canada’s New Horror Movie Is

Is it worth your time?
In The Tall Grass On Netflix Canada

As a part of Netflix Canada's "Netflix and Chills" campaign for the month of October, the streaming site has been releasing original horror and scary movies. On their website, there is an actual "Netflix and Chills" category with the description, "Demons. Vampires. And so many cornfields. Everything you need for a delightfully creepy night in." If that doesn't scream Halloween, not sure what does. But in the category, there is a new movie called In the Tall Grass that is getting a ton of mixed reviews. But pretty much everyone is calling it exhausting. 

If you haven't heard of In the Tall Grass, it's a horror drama that is based on a Stephen King novel with the same name. It was released on October 4th on Netflix Canada, and since then, people have been giving their reviews on Twitter and let's just say, they're pretty interesting. 

In the Tall Grass is about two siblings, one who is very pregnant and wanting to give her baby up for adoption, who hear a boy crying in a field of grass. When they get into the field, they realize it's dangerous and want to leave, but they can't. What they find is not a boy, but a "sinister force" and they realize they're not the only ones stuck in the field. 

While the plot may seem pretty straight forward, fans beg to differ. On Twitter, ever since the movie was released onto Netflix Canada, fans have been giving their reviews. Some say they it's a 10 and others say if you want to be mindf*cked, then you should give it a go. 

However, some are questioning what they just watched after viewing it. One Twitter user wrote, "Dafuq, did I just see. Couldn't understand even a single scene from the movie. In the tall grass is stupid, confusing and exhaustive. Someone please give me the last two hours of my life back. #InTheTallGrass#Netflix". Another user had sort of the same thoughts and wrote, "that in the tall grass on Netflix is the stupidest most annoying stressful FRUSTRATING film i have ever seen. what the fuck did i just watch ???". In the thread, someone mentioned it was the "most annoying film they've ever watched". 

If you still want to watch it, don't worry. One Twitter user gave it 10/10 and highly recommended it. Another user claims it "makes you think". We all love movies like that, right?

It's safe to say if you like anything twisted, you'll enjoy this movie. Or you'll just have something to talk about with your friends. In the Tall Grass is now streaming on Netflix Canada, and if you haven't heard of it before, you can watch the trailer below!

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