31 Women With Badass Jobs In Indianapolis

Show these hard working ladies some love!
31 Women With Badass Jobs In Indianapolis

Indianapolis may be considered a small city compared to the rest of America, but it's the biggest city in Indiana and has a whole lot to offer. It's one of the fastest growing cities in the country, the downtown core has over 300 restaurants and shops, plus it's easy to navigate pretty affordable to there!

I could go on and on listing all the great things about Indy, but we all know the best thing is the people that live there. A city is only as good as the people that populate it and Indy is full of hard-working, inspiring, and creative people that are working hard to achieve their dreams.

It's always important to take a look around your community and support the beautiful, strong, and ambitious women and Indy is full of them! Give some love to these Indy babes that are working badass jobs in the city.

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30. DJ Mystique // @djmisstique


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Why She's Badass: This gorgeous female DJ based in Indy is killing the music game! She plays at clubs, parties and events in the area and is working to expand and become even more successful at what she does.

29. Kat Marris // @katmarris


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Why She's Badass: Kat is a chef in Indianapolis that creates easy and healthy meal prep recipes. She posts all her amazing recipes on her blog where you can try them out yourself to enjoy your own healthy meals!

28. Casanista Interiors // @casanista_interiors

Interior Designer

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Why She's Badass: This badass babe from Indy is an interior designer that's all about adding colour to brighten up a space. She creates vibrant, bold and fun rooms that will make your home life a little bit more exciting!

27. Camila Ferrera // @camilaferrera


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Why She's Badass: Camila is a stunning dancer and a beautiful ballerina who's part of the Indianapolis ballet. She performs in gorgeous ballet performance in Indiana and across America!

26. Korie Austin // @korieaustinphotography


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Why She's Badass: Korie is a professional photographer based in Indy that captures stunning pictures. She specializes in fashion and family shots and documents it all on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

25. Dalaun Williams // @dalaun

Makeup Artist

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Why She's Badass: Dalaun is a professional makeup artist who's based Indy. She creates stunning makeup looks on herself and her clients that will make you look just as flawless as she is!

24. Ana Morris // @thesinger_ana


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Why She's Badass: Ana is a singer/songwriter based in Indy. She writes and performs hip hop singles that are available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud!

23. Lauren Hall Bushman // @homegrownflorist


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Why She's Badass: Lauren is a florist based in Indy that grows all her gorgeous flowers and plants at home! She creates stunning bouquets and centre pieces for weddings and events.

22. Kristin Young // @kristinlyoung


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Why She's Badass: Kristin is a professional ballerina who's a member of the Indianapolis Ballet. She performs stunning performances across Indiana and America!

21. Haley Jonay // @haleyjonay


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Why She's Badass: Haley is a singer/songwriter based Indy who plays stunning melodies with her acoustic guitar. Her singles are available on Spotify!

20. Erica Clayton // @through_her_lens


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Why She's Badass: Erica is a professional photographer who owns her own photography studio as well! She specializes in maternity, newborns and family.

19. Meredith Brookes // @meredith_brookes


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Why She's Badass: Meredith is an artist who creates stunning paintings in Indianapolis. Her paintings look amazing in homes and she sells them on her website!

18. Leah Tribbett // @leahtribproductions

Videographer & Photographer

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Why She's Badass: Leah is a super talented photographer and videographer based in Indy. She can do anything from music videos to weddings to everyday photoshoots!

17. Rebecca Lynch // @rlyoga

Yoga Instructor

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Why She's Badass: Rebecca is a yoga instructor in Indy that will definitely get your body moving. She's a private instructor and is hired at various events and studios across Indianapolis.

16. Jessica // @trivergence_training

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Personal Trainer

Why She's Badass: Jessica owns and runs her own personal training studio in Indianapolis. She is dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals through one-on-one training or in small groups!

15. Lauren Dusing // @laurendusing


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Why She's Badass: Lauren is an artist based in Indy who paints mostly nature scenes. She paints stunning works with watercolour and oils that are available for purchase on her website!

14. Alisha // @fashion_styles_ist

Fashion Stylist

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Why She's Badass: Alisha a wardrobe stylist, model and fashion influencer based in Indy. She works hard in the fashion industry to succeed in her career!

13. Indgrid // @glamxxhair

Hair Stylist

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Why She's Badass: Ingrid is a super talented hair stylist based in Indy. She works out of MDG salon and specializes in dimensional colour and blonding!

12. Tia Wilson-Harrison // @chef_tia


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Why She's Badass: Tia is a chef based in Indianapolis who is incredibly passionate about what she does. She's a personal chef and caterer that are customizable depending on the event!

11. J. Elaine // @styledbyjelaine

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Fashion Stylist

Why She's Badass: J. Elaine is a wardrobe and personal stylist with amazing fashion sense. She does everything from personal styling for events, to model photoshoots, to closet clean-outs and personal shopping!

10. Kate Fangman // @katefangmanhair

Hair Stylist

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Why She's Badass: Kate is a hair stylist and owner of her own hair salon in Indy called Mane Addiction Salon! She specializes in balayage and blonde hair colour.

9. Laura Black // @laurablacktattoo

Tattoo Artist

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Why She's Badass: Laura is a tattoo artist and co-owner of Firefly Tattoo in Indy! She takes stunning designs both in black and white and colour of animals, patterns and more!

8. Alison Noel // @alison.noel.interiors

Interior Design

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Why She's Badass: Alison designs custom interiors in Indiana. She loves featuring floral and vintage pieces in her work but she always keeps it modern and fresh!

7. Jordan // @jordanthehairdoctor

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Hair Stylist

Why She's Badass: Jordan calls herself the hair doctor and for good reason! She creates gorgeous looks through her talented balayage and hair colour skills.

6. Barbie Gurwitz // @signatureeventsbybarbie

Event Planner

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Why She's Badass: Barbie is a signature event and wedding planner in Indianapolis. She creates stunning and unique events that are perfect for any special day and cause for celebration!

5. Samantha Paige // @samanthapaigephoto


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Why She's Badass: Samantha is a super talented photographer that offers her services for hire. She does everything from adorable couple shoots to model shoots to family shoots!

4. Bridget Davis // @bridgetdavisevents

Event Planner

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Why She's Badass: Bridget plans amazing events in and around the Indianapolis area. She plans gorgeous weddings as well as beautiful events.

3. Alison Keefer // @gallerypastryshop

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Why She's Badass: Alison is a co-owner of The Gallery Pastry Shop, a European-inspired bakery making custom desserts. They create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pastries and desserts for events!

2. Jayde // @designsby_jayde_whsapparel

Fashion Designer

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Why She's Badass: Jayde is a fashion designer in Indy who runs her own apparel company! She creates custom designs that are unique and creative for any kind of style.

1. Allison Krill // @akinteriorhome

Interior Designer

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Why She's Badass: Allison is an interior designer based in Indy that creates stunning spaces. She's all about creating beautiful, sophisticated and comfortable design concepts that are special to each individual.