With just a few weeks of summer left in Canada, we're looking ahead in our calendars to see what's ahead for fall! The leaves are about to start changing colour and at any moment we might ask the barista, "Do you guys have pumpkin spice yet?" much to their exasperation. It's right around this time of year that we start making our Indigo fall item picks that will help us make the most of fall.

Where summer is chill, autumn is all about action and buzz! People are going back to school, hunkering down to get things done and reveling in the changes of the season. Our Indigo picks in this list are going to help Canadian girls get the best out of all things fall, pumpkin spice and back to school —because even if you've long graduated it's always fun to get fresh stationery!

Here are 10 things every Canadian girl needs from Indigo this fall:

Good Morning Pumpkin Mug

Price: $12

Why you need it: This is self-explanatory, you need it because it's the most autumnal shade of orange imaginable and it says "pumpkin" right on the mug. Perfect for homemade PSLs!

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Kate Spade New York Cat Umbrella

Price: $50

Why you need it: It's always raining in fall (as if you didn't already notice). We spend so much time hiding from the rain that you may as well enjoy yourself and splash out on an adorable umbrella you'll love using.

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Love & Lore Harvest Floral Rust Pouch

Price: $18

Why you need it: All you need to say is "fall florals" and you'll get the attention of any Canadian girl. These pouches are great for stashing your phone, keys and a few cards while you dash out instead of bringing your whole wallet or purse.

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2019-2020 Planner

Price: $18.95

Why you need it: Get off your phone and give your Google Calender a break. The old analogue way of organizing your life is way better and more satisfying!

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Joco Cup

Price: $26.95

Why you need it: This simple, streamlined reusable cup is perfect for Canadian girls who want to reduce waste and get their morning tea or coffee without missing a beat.

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Lavender Matcha Bath Salt Set

Price: $56

Why you need it: Warm-up with a bath after a long day with this adorable bath salt set!

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The Handmaid's Tale Graphic Novel

Price: $29.95

Why you need it: If you're addicted to the TV Show, then you'll love this fresh take on The Handmaid's Tale. This graphic novel is the perfect way to experience one of Canada's most famous books.

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Stainless Steel Reusable Straw

Price: $16

Why you need it: Just because fall is coming doesn't mean that you're ready to break up with their iced coffees. Regular reusable straws are great in theory, in practice you're stuck with a sticky, messy straw! This kit has everything you need to make the transition to reusable smooth.

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Vancouver Candle Co. Candles

Price: $45

Why you need it: Indigo has always been a destination full of amazing candles, but now they're actually carrying the Vancouver Candle Co. and the redesign for fall is amazing this year!

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LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Price: $125

Why you need it: You love to stay healthy and hydrated. When's the last time you washed your water bottle? You'll never have to again with this insane and innovative solution of a self-cleaning water bottle!

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