If you need an excuse to do some online shopping, here's one. Indigo free shipping has been extended so you can get books, mugs, candles, and home decor delivered to you at no extra cost. Plus, all bestsellers are up to 40% off too!

Indigo is coming to the rescue, making sure Canadians stay well-read and have everything else they could need to make staying at home bearable.

Since all locations are closed and online shopping is the only way to go, the bookstore has extended its free shipping offer until April 12.

As an added bonus, there's no minimum purchase required.

So even if you only wanted to get one item and it's not that expensive, you don't have to worry about buying more stuff to get free shipping.

But who only gets one thing from Indigo anyways?

Whether you're looking for books, toys, clothes, journals or even electronics, there are so many things to choose from to take advantage of the free shipping deal.

You could start some indoor gardening with a daisy growing kit for $18 or a small planter pot for $12.50.

Or you could take your coffee and tea game to the next level with a mug that has peaches painted on it for $14.00, or "tea is my love language" cup and saucer for $10.

If you want to spend your time at home being mindful, you could take advantage of free shipping and get The Five Minute Journal for $26.95 or a wellness planner for $21.

To make working from home more comfortable, you could get a lap desk with flowers painted on it for $29.50 or cozy reading socks for $24.50.

Then, of course, there are the books!

With free shipping and bestsellers up to 40% off, it's such a good deal.

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins will only cost you $14.39 because it's 40% off.

For $25.37, you can get Michelle Obama's book Becoming, saving almost $15.

From The Ashes by Jesse Thistle is 20% off so you get it for $19.99.

If you're looking for food inspiration, Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Veg cookbook is 40% off so you only have to spend $25.20.

Indigo previously had free shipping available until March 31, but now it's being offered until April 12. 

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