Instagram Music Is Finally Available In Canada & It's Music To Our Ears

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Instagram Music Canada Is Finally Here & There's An Emphasis On Canadian Artists
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If you've been waiting for a popular photo-sharing app's music feature to come to the true north, that day has finally come. Instagram Music in Canada has launched and there are a bunch of Canadian artists and international ones to choose from. Your stories just got a whole lot more exciting.

On February 19, Facebook, which owns the photo platform, announced that users north of the border are finally able to share music samples on their Instagram stories.

With the new feature, the company hopes people will express themselves through music and discover new artists.

While there are lots of international songs and you can find your favourite songs from American musicians, the app has unique Canadian-specific themes.

When you search for a song to include in a story, you'll be able to find a library full of music made by local and national artists.

Those songs include ones from icons and superstars along with ones that might not be as well known from Indigenous and Francophone musicians, for example.

To make this happen, new partnerships were made between music publishing societies and organizations and labels and distributors across the country.

Facebook worked with artists and local experts to make sure that the diversity of Canada's music scene was reflected in the feature.

When people saw the new feature they took to a whole other social network, Twitter, to express their excitement.

One person said, "this is not a drill," while another said, "Meghan Markle did that."

To add a song to your story, you simply open up the camera on the Instagram app or select a photo or video from your gallery. Then you tap the sticker icon, add the music sticker and search from the library of songs.

If a song has lyrics, they'll automatically pop up and you can use them as a guide to select the part of the song you want to play.

Tap the lyrics to change the animation and text style, and move the lyrics around, rotate or resize it like you would a normal sticker.

You can also tap the lyrics to change their animation and text style and move them around like you would with other stickers.

When searching for music you can browse through different sections based on genres, moods and themes.

Another new feature is the question sticker which also has music now. People can respond to your question with a song from the library.

There are also new visual effects with Instagram's music format on stories that respond to beats and sounds.

According to the CBC, this new feature made its way north after being available for almost two years in the U.S. and Europe.

If someone shared a story with a music sample in it, the sound would be muted and a pop up would tell users that the feature wasn't available where they were.

This feature is also now available to use on Facebook stories.

Another feature that allows you to add videos with songs to a new music section on your Facebook profile. You can pin songs to the top of your profile so people can see what you're into.

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