It may seem like a super nice sunny day, but the intense heat has sparked a series of dangerous forest fires across the country. The main areas that have been affected by the fires are Ontario and British Columbia. 

Both provinces are currently enduring an intense heat wave, which has led to the perfect conditions for an outbreak of forest fires. 

Environment Canada just issued two heat warnings for Ontario and BC. There has been a heat warning issued for the Fraser Canyon in British Columbia and a heat warning issued for Toronto, Ontario.

The heat wave, combined with windy weather and a series of lightning-filled thunderstorms have created the perfect conditions for forest fires. 

Via Government Of Ontario

According to CTV News, there are more 90 active forest fires currently burning in Northern Ontario. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry state that 23 of the fires are under control, 18 are not under control, six are contained and the rest are being observed by officials. 

Last week, the town of Temagami was put into a "state of emergency" because of a devastating forest fire that was sparked by a strike of lightning. Areas in the town were set to start evacuating because of the fire. 

Via Government Of British Columbia

In BC, 14 new wildfires were sparked across the province over the last week. The wind seems to be a key factor in the fires in BC. An especially disruptive fire near Kamloops has forced many homeowners to evacuate their houses.

Firefighters from across the country have swarmed to Ontario to help combat the ongoing forest fire situation. 

Source: CTV News