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Intense High Winds Just Shut Down Canada's Busiest Highway

Eastbound express lanes on Ontario's Highway 401 remain closed near Dixie Road.

Ontario is experiencing some intense winds today, with warnings across the province and even a risk of tornados in some areas. 

The wind is already wreaking havoc in some spots. In fact, winds are so strong that they blew over a transport truck closing down part of Canada's busiest highway, Ontario's Highway 401. 

Update: The EB 401 express lanes are now CLOSED from E of Bayview to 404 because of this collision. https://t.co/zPiAhPfAuD

September 21, 2018

All eastbound express lanes of Highway 401 are closed east of Dixie Rd. after high winds blew a tractor-trailer onto its side nearby, OPP officers say.

21 September 2018

OPP are reporting that all eastbound express lanes of the 401 are closed after a tractor-trailer was blown onto its side by the heavy winds in the area. The accident happened near Dixie road, which is where the highway closure is. 

According to the OPP, the accident resulted in a collision with multiple vehicles. Sgt. Kerry Schmidt shared a video of the scene on the OPP's Twitter account. 

Collision #Hwy401 EB at Dixiel https://t.co/yhzsMGEyNy

21 September 2018

The 401 is one of the busiest highways in all of North America, but especially in Canada. It runs through the province from Windsor to the Quebec border and connects to the rest of the Trans-Canada highway, running all across the country. 

The highway is the main route for workers commuting into the city, with approximately 400,000 vehicles driving on it every single day. 

According to this Twitter video, traffic from the highway's abrupt lane closures is becoming so bad that cars are driving in reverse in the shoulder lane in an attempt to get out of the congested lanes. 

Traffic so bad people driving In Reverse on the shoulder #toronto #highway401 #traffic yes I misspelled traffic duck off I didn’t check pic.twitter.com/eejngwW6SR

September 21, 2018

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Police have not said if any injuries were sustained in the accident or if any charges are being investigated in the crash.