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Canada Will Give $2,150,000 To The Families Of The Iran Plane Crash Victims

Families will get $25,000 for each victim.

The Canadian government is stepping up and helping out people who lost loved ones in the downing of Flight 752. Iran plane crash Canadian victims' families will get $2,150,000 from Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced. The money will go to the families to help with their immediate needs like funeral and travel costs.

The announcement on January 17 confirmed that the government will be giving funding to the families of Canadians citizens and residents who were on that flight. 

He called this situation "unique and unprecedented."

The Prime Minister said that 29 permanent residents along with 57 Canadians were on Ukraine International Airlines plane when it was shot down and crashed just minutes after takeoff. 

Their families will get $25,000 from the government per victim.

Based on the numbers Trudeau gave, a total of $2,150,000 will be given out to families to help cover costs that have come from the tragedy. 

However, this is just the first step when it comes to compensating the victims' families.

"I want to be clear. We expect Iran to compensate these families. I have met them. They can’t wait weeks. They need support now," Trudeau said at the press conference.

The money will be given out as quickly as possible in the coming days.

That money well exceeds the amount a Canada Strong crowdfunding campaign is hoping to raise for the victims' families.

If the government only gave money to the 57 Canadians who were killed in the crash, it would be a little less than the $1,500,000 goal of the fundraising campaign.

Regardless, money from both the government and the campaign will be given to help the families with the expenses that have come from the crash, like funeral planning and travel. 

While Canada also expects money from Iran, it's not guaranteed that it will come. However, if it does, it won't just be a reimbursement to the Canadian government for the funds they gave out.

"We haven't looked at what the full compensation would end up looking like from Iran, but I can assure you any money from Iran for the victims would go straight to them. It would not go to the Canadian government," said Trudeau.

Canada will also waive fees and speed up visa processing times so that family members impacted by the crash can get them in a matter of hours.

The government is setting up a 1-800 phone line that will connect Canadians to a lawyer who will provide pro bono legal assistance.

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was hit by two missiles after taking off from an airport in Tehran before crashing to the ground on January 8.

All 176 people on board the plane were killed.