Netflix's New Romcom Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Summer

'Always Be My Maybe' is streaming on May 31st.
Netflix's New Romcom Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Summer

For literally years now, movies dubbed under the genre "chick flick" or "romantic comedy" have been recognized as very female-centric films, and plenty of men have held the belief that they can't enjoy these films because of the "girly" themes behind them, but all of that is about to change! Netflix wants people to stop using the term "chick flick", and just start appreciating films of that nature for that they are. The streaming service is releasing a new rom-com this month, and we're here to let you know, is Always Be MyMaybe on Netflix good?

The trailer for the film was released by Netflix this morning, and people are already raving about not only the plot but the cast as well! It stars big names like Ali Wong, Randall Park, and even Keanu Reeves. We all know acting can totally make or break a movie, but it's safe to say that our daughter is in good hands with these casting decisions. 

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The plot of the film is simple. It tells the story of Sasha (played by Wong), a famous celebrity chef who's working on opening yet another restaurant in the midst of her engagement. Although her relationship appears picture perfect on the outside (aka they're both really hot and rich), things at home aren't all they're cracked up to be. As things fall apart and her fiance decides to set off to travel before settling down, Sasha finds herself reuniting with an old friend.

Cue Marcus (played by Park), Sasha's childhood best friend who she ended up losing her virginity to years ago. Their initial meeting is awkward, but they quickly fall back into the groove of their former relationship, becoming literally inseparable. Marcus feels himself catching feelings all over again, but Sasha's got a BIG surprise in store that may just be the best plot twist ever.

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If you love nothing more than a good laugh, a relatable storyline, and of course, talented actors, Always Be My Maybe is definitely the movie for you. It'll be streaming on Netflix as of May 31st, but you can check out the trailer in the meantime below.

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