Giacomo Gianniotti Reassured Fans That His "Grey's Anatomy" Character Is Sticking Around

Looks like we're safe — for now!
Is Andrew DeLuca Leaving "Grey's Anatomy"?

If there ever was a show out there that could break your heart, it's without a doubt Grey's Anatomy. Over the last 15 years, we've said goodbye to more characters than you can count on two hands, and many of those departures were incredibly emotional. Recently, actor Giacomo Gianniotti made a cryptic post on Instagram that had fans wondering, is Andrew DeLuca leaving Grey's Anatomy?

Just last week, the Canadian star took to his IG page to share a heartfelt message with fans about a major loss he'd taken in his career lately, and how it really hurt him but also changed the way he looks at things in his life.

Almost instantly, fans feared the worst — that Gianniotti would follow in the footsteps of so many of his former co-stars and walk away from the hit series. The actor's Instagram page was flooded with comments about the show, begging him to stick around.

Fans weren't in distress long though, as TV Guide quickly confirmed that Dr. DeLuca won't be hanging up his scrubs just yet. In fact, according to Gianniotti's IG Story from yesterday evening, his character has a ton of lines in an upcoming episode of Grey's, which is great news for anyone who's a fan of the star.

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"Hey you guys, I'm putting a lot of DeLuca words in my head and I need a mental break," the 30-year old said on Sunday evening. "DeLuca is very talkative tomorrow."

Hearing that DeLuca has a ton of lines coming up is some extra reassurance for those worried about the doctor's fate on Grey's, so it looks like there really is nothing to worry about.

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Last week fans got the devastating news that series lead Justin Chambers, who's played Alex Karev for the last 15 years, is walking away from the medical drama, and his last episode has already aired without fans knowing.

Grey's Anatomy returns with a new episode on Thursday, January 23.

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