Disney+ Is Already Some Canadians Favourite Streaming Site Despite Their Glitchy Launch

Could it possibly be better than Netflix?
Is Disney+ Better Than Netflix?

Yesterday was a huge day for everyone in the television industry. Canadians woke up with the anticipation of getting answers to the question every TV lover has had for months now: Is Disney+ better than Netflix? Disney+ did launch across North America, but it wasn’t without a rough start. However, that hasn’t deterred Canadians from thinking that Disney+ is better than every other streaming platform available here.

While some may be asking how Disney+ could possibly match up to the variety of shows and movies offered on Netflix and Amazon Prime, that isn't what makes Disney+ so great for Canadians. 

While yes, Disney+ does offer our favourite nostalgic Disney channel shows and movies, and the chance to have access to old animated films that are otherwise locked in our attics on VHS, it's also almost universally identical around the world. 

There's no "Canadian Disney+" and "American Disney+", it's just Disney+. 

Canadians have been burnt in the past, with having a lesser version of every streaming platform. We still don't even have access to Hulu. 

Disney is even rivalling Netflix and Amazon Prime in the Christmas movie department, with another part of Home Alone in the works! 

The media analyst at CP24 has reported that “We are getting largely what our American neighbours are getting for a roughly similar price. There are almost no drawbacks to being a Canadian here... you're finally getting what you've been hoping for."

Disney+ definitely got the response they wanted from Canadians. While they did apologize for the glitchy start to the launch it was explained that people were experiencing technical difficulties because “the consumer demand for Disney Plus has exceeded our high expectations."

Nevertheless, the platform was back up pretty quickly and has long been forgotten by Canadians. 

This is just the beginning for Disney+ as they plan to bring lists of original content to the platform in 2020 like the long-awaited Lizzie McGuirereboot. 

If you have yet to subscribe to Disney+ check out everything you need to know before you do, including their free trial offer. 

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