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Disney+ Is Finally Out & Twitter Is Absolutely GUSHING

So many shows from our childhood, it's overwhelming!

The day we've been waiting for is finally here and Disney+ officially launched in Canada. It seems like hundreds of people were waiting until the clock struck midnight to subscribe to the new streaming service. There are a few shows that people are especially excited to watch, and even movies we never had easy access to that we can now watch whenever we desire. But if you're still not convinced, and you're asking is Disney+ worth the money? Twitter is in love, and you might just fall in love too. 

In a few short hours, Twitter users managed to make three of the top shows from our childhood trend in Canada.

The number one trending topic is Boy Meets World, and even The Simpsons is trending too.

And Lizzie McGuire is trending in Canada as people realize they now have every episode of the show, on top of a reboot in the coming months.

In general, people are overwhelmed, in a totally good way, with all the options they now have access to for only $8.99 a month.

One Twitter user called Disney+ "elite" and wrote that "they have shows I forgot even existed. I never thought I’d see so much content available in Canada".

Another user posted a video of them scrolling through all of the available titles on Disney+ that they put on their watch list, and are so excited to finally get to watch.

They wrote, "#DisneyPlus EVERYTHING ON MY WATCH LIST ALREADY LOL !!!!!!!! NETFLIX CAN SUCK IT !!!!!! THIS IS REAL MAGIC AND HAPPINESS !! @disneyplus @HilaryDuff Yess im watching LIZZIE MCGUIRE !!!"

One user was overwhelmed with the number of options they have to watch now.

They tweeted, "#DisneyPlus just launched, and I’m in panic mode....... what do I watch first?????? Endgame.... Boy Meets World..... The new Lady and the Tramp..... The Muppets..... The Proud Family Movie..... Suite Life on a Deck...... Tron Legacy.... Zootopia..... SO MANY GOOD CHOICES".

And another user is just so happy to have childhood classics back in their life, which we totally agree with. 

They tweeted, "As a kid that grew up in the 90's/early 2000's, it honestly puts a smile on my face and warms my heart seeing shows like Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, Gargoyles, Boy Meets World, and many other classic shows/original movies trending right now. #DisneyPlus".

Hopefully, not everyone follows the lead of this user who wrote that they're planning to call off from work today (although, we'd totally understand if you do).

But of course, most good things have their downfalls, and Disney+ users in Canada have been experiencing glitchy apps and content that won't load.

It's possible that the streaming platform just wasn't ready for the overwhelming amount of people that would be using it already. Hopefully, Disney+ has a team of computer experts on standby. 

This user wrote that "Unfortunately all titles (and the site in general) is a bit glitchy/very slow to load, but I’m sure Disney will get the kinks out eventually!"

Another person shared their issue too writing, "Sooo woke up at 5 AM to start watching #DisneyPlus @disneyplus anyone else in Canada having issues? It won't let me search or play anything."

And this user shared the screen they get when they try to open the app, and wrote that it won't work on their "phone, ps4 or the tv app".

The verdict is pretty unanimous and people are already super excited for the launch of Disney+ and so impressed with the number of titles from our childhood that we now have unlimited access to.

If you're considering subscribing, check out Twitter to keep updated about when Disney+ sorts out the glitches, and definitely take advantage of the seven-day free trial before you commit, too.

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