Viewers Are Sleeping With The Lights On After Watching This New Horror Film On Netflix

"Eerie" is available for streaming on Netflix now.
Viewers Are Sleeping With The Lights On After Watching This New Horror Film On Netflix

Even if you're a total horror movie fanatic, I think we all have one or two scary movies that totally petrify us beyond belief. Whether you have to watch cartoons after to rid your mind of what horrors you just saw, or actually sleep with the lights on so that you feel safe, scary movies can have a seriously big impact on you. Is Eerie on Netflix good? The movie has audiences sleeping with the lights on.

Eerie tells the story of the horrendous and unexpected death of a young student at an old all-girls Catholic school. The school's guidance counsellor, Pat Consolacion (played by Bea Alonzo) spends her time trying to unravel the mystery behind the student's mysterious death.

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As she works to solve the mystery, Pat uncovers all kinds of unimaginable secrets about the school, the headmistress, Mother Alice, and a monster that's been lurking in the school's shadows for well over a century.

When word got out about how scary it is, the film skyrocketed in popularity. As it turns out, horror film buffs out there aren't as brave as they thought — a lot of them even took to Twitter to admit that they've been having to sleep with the lights on since they watched Eerie.

The Filipino film has been receiving rave reviews ever since it made its debut on Netflix after being a part of the Singapore International Film Festival and the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. It may not be in English, but if you don't mind keeping up with subtitles, we definitely recommend watching.

You can check out the trailer for Eerie below, although we don't recommend watching it alone.