This New Series On Netflix Is Like A Combination Of 'The Titanic' And 'The Great Gatsby'

Who doesn't love a good murder mystery?!
This New Series On Netflix Is Like A Combination Of 'The Titanic' And 'The Great Gatsby'

One of my favourite movies of all time is The Great Gatsby, not only because it stars Leonardo DiCaprio, but also because it's incredibly interesting to see what life was really like in the Roaring 20s - everything from the costume design to the cinematography is so on point, and watching it makes you feel like you've really gone back in time. There's a new show coming to Netflix, and upon watching the trailer I instantly got Gatsby vibes. Before you commit to watching it, let's find out - is High Seas on Netflix good?

The series is actually in Spanish, but it's been dubbed over in English so that audiences can keep up with all the crazy twists and turns of the plot, because trust us, there are tons. High Seas takes place on a ship in the 1940s, which totally gives off Titanic vibes. The ship is headed out to Rio de Janeiro, and as you'll quickly find out, plenty of passengers on the boat have hidden agendas.

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When passengers first hop on board the ship, things are wonderful and dreamy. Everyone's excited to be heading out on a voyage overseas - until a mysterious string of murders happens, that is. People are quick to turn their back on one another, as no one is safe and everyone is a suspect, especially two sisters traveling together.

Members of the cast include prominent Spanish actors like Eloy Azorin, Ivana Baquero, Felix Gomez, and Tamar Novas, among others. The show has yet to be released, but people are already saying that it could be one of Netflix's best Spanish series to date, so if you don't mind shows that are dubbed, we highly recommend it.

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The trailer for High Seas was released yesterday, but people are already ranting and raving about how fun and mysterious it looks. If you love a good murder mystery, this is 100% the next best show for you to binge watch.

High Seas is coming to Netflix on May 24th, but if you want to check out the trailer first you can watch it below.

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