People Are Saying 'I Am Mother' Is Netflix's Best Sci-Fi Film Yet

'I Am Mother' is now available for streaming on Netflix.
People Are Saying 'I Am Mother' Is Netflix's Best Sci-Fi Film Yet

When it comes to science fiction movies, people always expect the best. The whole point of the genre is presenting a futuristic (and sometimes terrifying) reality that people could only dream of experiencing in their lifetimes. Usually, sci-fi fans are pretty hardcore about their love for movies, and they're quick to judge films and rip them apart if they aren't good. A new science fiction film just hit Netflix today, so let's find out - is I Am Mother on Netflix good?

I Am Mother stars Clara Rugaard as Daughter, a young girl who has spent her entire life on a spaceship being raised by a robot that goes by the name of Mother. Daughter has never known anyone but Mother, and has been led to believe that the rest of mankind has been wiped out, and it's just her left.

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When a stranger who goes by Woman (played by Hilary Swank) suddenly makes her way on the ship, Daughter realizes that her entire life may have been a lie, and she's not sure whether she should trust the artificial intelligence that raised her or another human being who's seen the outside world.

The movie was released on Netflix today, June 7th. People have already watched it, and the reviews are saying absolutely great things about I Am Mother:

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What people seem to be loving most about the film is the way that it portrays human relationships with artificial intelligence, and just how evil and scary they can be when they take over your life. Some people have felt confused by the film's ending, but others felt that it was wrapped up perfectly.

I Am Mother is an Australian made film, and was to be made available on Netflix internationally on June 7th, and at a later date in theatres in Australia. However, the film has also been made available on Netflix Australia. If you'd like to check out the trailer for the film, you can do so below:

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